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35 Ideas For An Autumn Bucket List

It's one of the cosiest times of the year, however, the darker nights can make it one of the more depressing. So I've put together an autumn bucket list to help you get the most from the season.

1. Wildlife Walk

Take a walk in nature and look for the changing season. The wildflower meadows, wildlife, hedges, pond and marsh, woodland edge habitat There are over 70 acres of meadow and woodland walks to explore. The farm and meadow walks are open all year round.

2. Layer your living space

Get any cosy throws out of storage (if you ever put them away) and get ready to snuggle in

3. Leaf peeping

An American term for going to look at the changing colour of the leaves. Whether you have a drive around the countryside or take a walk in woodland, you’ll be amazed at the beautiful colours of nature.

4. Apple picking/make/eat apple pie

If you’re lucky enough to have your own apple trees, you’ll know that autumn time is when they are in season. Be sure to pick your crop before they drop. Alternatively, you might find people in your neighbourhood often have so many apples they leave them at the end of their driveway to give away. Time to get creative in the kitchen. Think hot apple pie, apple crumble, biscuits, muffins

5. Mulled cider

Another chance to appreciate apple season and embrace the colder weather is through apple cider. You can even get toffee apple cider. Heat it on the hob the same way as you would mull wine and enjoy.

6. Clean up your garden

Take advantage of the cooler weather to do some garden maintenance. Cut back perennials, plant bulbs, tidy and prepare for spring. Don’t forget to rake those leaves too...

7. Rake leaves

Falling leaves are pretty, but they need raking. Permission to play in them after though before you bin them.

8. Have a Bonfire

If you have a fire pit it's the perfect time to get it lit and toast marshmallows or make s’mores. Autumn also encompasses bonfire night. Wrap up and get yourself off to an organised display.

9. Farmers Market

You’ve got to love a cute farmers market any time of the year, but there’s something nice about buying your seasonal fresh produce in the autumn and cooking it when you get home...

10. Make chilli

A hot chilli is guaranteed to warm you up. Not a fan of spice? Instead, go for a traditional stew or soup. Watch it simmer on the stove.

11. Vist a Corn Maze

Get yourself lost in a corn maze. They’re trickier than you might think. Some also run Halloween events, so keep a lookout

12. Drink hot chocolate

Treat yourself to a quality hot chocolate to curl up and drink

13. Enjoy Pumpkin Spice

Is it even autumn if you've not had a pumpkin spice latte?

14. Have a movie night

Grab the snacks and snuggle up for your own movie marathon. You could choose autumn-themed movies or even a scary film fest

15. Decorate your porch

Think pumpkins, autumn flowering chrysanthemums and an autumnal wreath.

16. Visit a haunted house

Join a ghost investigation. Whether you're a believer, non-believer or sceptic, prepare for an interesting night of investigations with professional ghost hunters.

17. Go Pumpkin picking

Visit a pumpkin farm and choose your own pumpkin. Take advantage of the food and drink options there for seasonal specials.

18. Go on a Hayride

You can often find these at pumpkin farms. Treat yourself to a trip around the site with a hayride.

19. Carve a Pumpkin

Once you’ve chosen your pumpkin it’s time to get creative. Whether you use a stencil or go freehand - get carving, but save what you scoop out.

20. Bake pumpkin pie or bread, soup

Use the pumpkin flesh to cook up some seasonal dishes or treats. Try Pumpkin Bread, pumpkin soup, and even pumpkin curry.

21. Outdoor cinema

Darker nights are perfect for outdoor cinema. Look what's on in your area. Take the blankets and a picnic and prepare for a movie under the stars.

22. Change your home decor

Along with your throws, decorate your home with pumpkins, scented candles and cushions. Switch it up for Halloween

23. Fall picnic

Wrap up and grab the picnic blanket for a cosy autumnal picnic. Take a warm flask and baked goods. You could combine this with your woodland visit.

24. Bake Halloween biscuits

Get arty with your icing and create your own ghosts and ghoul-decorated biscuits.

25. Take an early morning foggy hike

I’m not a morning person, but even I will drag myself out of bed for a crisp autumn morning walk.

PS try and get a mate to go with you. Foggy and dark locations don’t always go hand in hand with safety.

26. Stroll under an umbrella on a rainy day

Preferably when you have time and aren’t in a rush to go somewhere where turning up cold and damp might not be the one. Wrap up, take a stroll and listen to the rain pitter-patter.

27. Treat yourself to cosy new pj’s

If there are certain times in the year when you need pj’s - it’s autumn and Christmas. Shop to suit your budget. Primark usually has a lovely range to choose from.

28. Go to an enchanting firework display

There’s normally plenty around. Look for an organised one at a stately home for example.

29. Have a board game afternoon

Dig out the good old-fashioned board games, or invest in a new one. Get the family around, put out some nibbles, and have a board game afternoon

30. Visit an autumn festival

Check out village festivals this time of year and you’ll often find an autumn festival. Go along and soak up the atmosphere.

31. Have an autumn breakfast/brunch

Find a little cafe with an autumnal view. It could be in a park for example, where you can sit and have a leisurely seasonal brunch

32. Have a long hot relaxing bath

Warm yourself up and relax with a warm relaxing bath. Add the smellies, light some candles and enjoy a soak.

33. Go for a walk on the beach

It's a totally different vibe from a summer beach day. Wrap up warm, watch the waves crash and treat yourself to hot doughnuts and warm coffee from a local vendor

34. Treat yourself to some new autumn knitwear

Shop for a new warm jumper that will see you through autumn and into winter. You might want to also get a new scarf or gloves (that have probably gone missing since last year)

35. Prepare your skin for the colder weather

Cold weather and central heating can play havoc with your skin. Invest in some new seasonal skincare, whether it's seasonally scented from the Body Shop, or simple baby lotion, ensure it is kind to your skin.

I hope you enjoy trying these. Do let me know what your favourites are and if there are any more you can think of or recommend.

Love Tx


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