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Business: How to get your Business noticed during the pandemic

We're living in unprecedented times, so how do you make sure you are getting the news coverage you need?

 If you are a business looking for exposure or a PR looking for a news worthy angle then read on...

1) Amongst the daily statistics and health updates, Journalists are looking for good news stories, something more light-hearted to give the reader a break. Think about how you could highlight people who have been affected by what you offer or have done for them. If you have video content - use it! Remember many news platforms are multi-media now.

2) Use new quotes - If you're writing a press release don't dig up a quote from the business owner from a previous story. Go for relevancy rather than taking from their most high profile story.

3) Keep eye on Twitter. it is a fast moving platform. Search #journorequest - which is obviously the tag used by Journalists looking for a story. Stay on top of it and follow the right people.

4) TV & Radio - people are watching/listening more now than ever - build up as many contacts as you can with a view to getting your story out.

5) Case studies - Look at the news - see where you/your client can fit into the news cycle (as long as its relative) Journalists are currently writing more about individuals than brands - they are more interested in how the personal angle/ how the individual has been affected.

6) What are journalists interested in right now? They want to know how Corona is affecting other elements of our life, i.e  Relationships - how is Corona impacting your relationship with your partner or family

Mental health is a biggy - think about 'how to stay happy' features for example, or coping articles

Wellbeing - Be mindful to scientifically back up any well being claims. For example is been said Vitamin D can help - how can it help?

Feminism - Are you sharing the domestic role?

Long Distance Relationships - How are you making it work?

Domestic Violence -Do you have a relevant story

Pregnancy/IVF - relevancy

Virtual events - charity initiative Pet content - people want comforting content

7) Are travel stories still of interest?  - Not really, and 'Armchair travel' has probably had its moment?  

A Travel bucket list for when we can travel again is likely most relevant now.

8) Hospitality Industry - Get owners doing the commentary rather than writing a story  - how it's affecting them/how they will get back on their feet.

Takeaway/delivery service isn't new now - instead, think what you could do differently.  A hamper delivery service for example.

For bar/cafe/restaurant owner - maintain your profile with recipes/insta stories

9)Things to do in lockdown stories - People have settled a little in to a routine already.  A 'things to do in lockdown' list has already had its moment. How can you switch it up?

10) Build relationships  - If you are asked to do something - turn it round quickly. It may feel like lockdown is dragging on for some, but news is moving quickly. Engage on multiple platforms. Be a reader but also interact

11). If you are wanting a journalist to pick up your story, pitch first thing, include nice photos, a couple of interesting details and recent quotes so they don't have to come back to you.  Don't chase too soon, chances are they're rushed off there feet (particularly Editors)  Staff will have been furloughed and so the pressure is on more.  Follow up is ok, but don't chase too soon.

12) Are people interested in non-covid stories at the moment? Yes, current interviews are still newsworthy.

13) Make your email stand out - Personalise the subject line to the publication eg - 'Nottingham Post - How takeaway has saved my business'.  Point our where its going to go in the publication you're contacting.  if you don't know they won't know and your pitch can be ignored.  Do your homework - what is the publication interested in? Within the body of your email you could also include a link to previous article to point out how its relevant.  You can either attach the press release or you could include it,  but make sure the main body of the email grabs them quickly.

14) Is it the right time to launch a product?   - Yes, it still can be.  People are still buying but be mindful that you may not get as much coverage.  People are still interested in food products but again, also be mindful of delivery times.

Good luck



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