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Father's Day Gift Ideas 2021

How can it be that time of year again, hasn’t time flown! Father's Day this year is on June 20th!

Ties and socks are so passé don't you know, so time to think of something original. After the last year or so, you probably realise that just spending time with your Dad is so important, believe me I lost mine 20 years ago, I know, but I’ve put together a few ideas in case you’re stuck.

Can we talk about this Breakfast Sandwich Toaster! We’re talking about more than just breakfast in bed like the old days here, we’re talking a machine that cooks a whole breakfast burger in 5 minutes all year round! Perfect for the Dad that’s got everything 48.99. *

Of course Dad will need a cuppa to start his day, and nothing says Father’s Day like a personalised mug. Asda’s photo gift service is quick and easy to use. Simply choose your gift online and upload the photo you want printing on it. It could be something funny, really embarrassing or just the dog - let’s face it, they’re the baby of the family now. They are great quality and shows you’ve added a personal touch. Choose from a wide range of personalised mugs and create a custom mug to match their style and brighten up their morning brew with their very own photo tea or coffee mug.

(ceramic, porcelain and china mugs, the popular latte mugs, or the magic mug) Prices start at £8 **

While you’re at it, why not get a nice photo printed. We take loads on our phones these days but rarely print them off. Choose a good one then pick a nice frame.

Casa Chic have a beautiful selection of quality frames genuine solid wood frames. Made from solid pinewood, for that premium look and feel, but light enough for easy wall hanging ***

My Dad was a gardening fan, if yours is then that is even more reason to celebrate, as there are plenty of things to enjoy outside in your own backyard.

So after spoiling your very own Alan Titchmarsh with gifts and a tasty breakfast, hand over a trowel instead! It's time to get to (fun) work and he will be grateful for it in the long run! And gardening has its very own mental and physical benefits as we all a healthy garden really does equal a healthy Dad!

Yes, there are still seeds that can be sown in June, and Burpee Seeds Europe have a couple of stunning varieties for you! Verbascum 'Snowy Spires' can be sown directly in the garden ideally in July and August. But if they have been sown indoors before June is the perfect time to plant them out. Echinacea 'Sundress' can be sown right up to early June, but again if it has been sown indoors before, this too can be planted out. Both of these are LOVED by pollinators so a real treat for all to enjoy! They can be found at Garden Centres.

Perhaps though Dad would like a little TLC. It’s not just women that like a pamper you know. You could book him a skin treatment, or, careful how you word this too him, there’s things such as fat freezing and fat disolving injections, as well as microneedling scalp works.


Alternatively you could explore holistic therapies or massage as something different


There are lots of different ideas out there. Try somewhere like Etsy too for something original from a small business.

Of course you could take him out for a meal and support the hospitality trade who have struggled recently, or there are some tasty treats you can bring home from bakery’s. Take a look at this Snickers cheesecake from Big Mikes Fat Kitchen. Full of chocolate, nuts, caramel and chunks of Snickers The best way to get yourself into Dad’s good books.

Whatever you decide on, get it ordered, Father’s Day will be here before you know it, and if you can - go and visit the old guy eh!

Love Tx

#Disclaimer - includes some business I have worked with previously on a paid or gifted agreement

*Affilate Link

** Gifted/Previously Gifted

••• Previously worked with on paid campaign

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