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Food Review: Revolución de Cuba - Nottingham

Situated in the heart of Nottingham, Revolución de Cuba transports you back to the heyday of Havana for a celebración – Cuban style. I was invited along recently to sample the flavours of Havana with some new additions to their menu. Not only do they offer some of the best cocktails around, with some unique glasses, but also Latin-inspired feasts and fresh tapas from their Cantina menu.

Located down the road from the Theatre Royal the venue offers an escape from the City.   I was going to say 'the hustle',  but inside the venue in the evening,  you'll find a busy, vibrant atmosphere which reminds me of cantinas abroad; a place where families meet, friends get together, and generally catch up and chat over a drink and some delicious food.

The actual building which houses Revolutión de Cuba (or Rev de Cuba as it's often called) has been a bar for as long as I can remember, way before Rev de Cuba opened it's doors in 2016.

Its a grand old building when you really look at it from the outside.  Inside it's very open and airy. There are two levels with a sweeping staircase leading to the first floor. Mosaic tables, art work and green leafy plants, all give it that Cuban feel.  (It also has one of the largest ladies loos in the city, complete with a large comfy sofa in the centre, the ideal spot for a good old gossip).

Lets talk about the food.  The menu is presented in the style of a Cuban news paper. A brunch and lunch menu is available until 5pm.  They offer a fantastic selection of tapas. Little dishes with huge flavour.  A lot of groups around us seem to have opted for this choice and it makes it quite a social occasion as they all dip into the various meat, fish and veg dishes which include Roasted Chorizo, Gambas Pil Pil, Halloumi Tacos and Cajun Cream Mushrooms to name a few.

We're here to try the new Main Plates; new additions are Ensalada De Seville, Grilled Swordfish, Blackbean & Butternut Squash Chilli, plus the two we try; Chicken Enchilada and Beef Fillet Skewers.

We also ordered a side of Mojito Battered Onion Rings and Cajun Cream Fries.  We went on a Sunday night and it was two for one cocktails, so we ordered an Old Fashioned, and because I was driving a non alcoholic Mojito. When the food was bought to the table, the first thing you couldn't help but notice was the huge onion rings!  I've never seen them like this before.  On tasting, they were more batter than onion but very filling.  I wouldn't have ordered the Fries if I'd have known how big they were.

The Beef Fillet Skewers were tender, but for my palate I would have liked more seasoning. The Aromatic Rice accompaniment though was delicious.  The Chicken Enchilada was packed full of flavour.  

Cajun Chicken, charred onions, mixed peppers and refried beans all rolled up in a soft flour tortilla, smothered in Cuban cream sauce and chilli cheese, baked and topped with pico de Gallo and sour cream.  it was served with black beans and rice.

The food was really filling, but I can nearly always find room for a pudding and opted for the Pornstar Pavlova.  There wasn't much in the way of meringue in mine, being more like a plate of prosecco-whipped cream with fruit, but it was so delicious anyway, I'm not complaining.  It's also served with a cheeky shot of prosecco on the side.

Overall we enjoyed the food and the atmosphere and the service was also impeccable.  

I'd recommend it for friends or groups wanting to share or try something different. 

To keep up with the latest news and find out more details about the New Years Eve party, interact with the Nottingham team at or keep social at or

Revolución de Cuba Address.  26-28 Market Street, Nottingham, NG1 6HW. Contact the team on or on 0115 8715 735.

Love Tx

Disclaimer: Our food was complimentry but my views are my own.



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