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Home: Six Reasons To Invest In A Leather Sofa

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

When it comes to sofas, most of us have a preference.

Some people love fabric. They replace each fabric sofa, with another, and they never venture into the leather section of the shop. Others, love leather and would never dream of buying fabric sofas and armchairs.

A sofa can be an expensive purchase, and we often stick to what we know to play it safe. If, like me, you already have leather, then you can probably add a few other reasons to my list. But, if you’ve always bought fabric previously, here’s a look at seven reasons to make the switch.

It’s Classic

Leather is timeless. Other homeware and decor trends come and go, but leather remains cool and effortlessly stylish in a way that only true classics can. While you are busy trying to keep up with the latest trends, replacing colours and accessories, your sofa will remain in style, even more so if you stick to a classic colour like black, white or brown.

It Goes with Everything

Leather sofas are always eye catching, but they never clash.. It never makes your room look over complicated or loud. It’s understated and can lead focus to other aspects of your room. It’s a feature that compliments everything else. Whatever colour scheme, lighting, soft furnishings and textiles you choose, they will all work well with your sofa.

It’s Hard Wearing

Many people worry about damaging leather. It’s expensive, and it looks delicate. But, it’s usually much more hard wearing than you might think. Leather is a popular choice with parents of young children and pet owners because it lasts. In this respect, leather can be a little more expensive, but it can also last for a lot longer and prove better value.

Leather is Easy to Clean

Day to day, if your leather sofa is looking a little dirty, or has had something spilt on it, just wiping it down with a damp cloth is enough to clean it. Now and then, treat the seat pads and backs with a specialist leather cleaner, to clean and protect the material. Fabric sofa cushions need washing, and if they can’t be removed, you might find it a struggle.

It’s Easy to Accessorise

A brown leather sofa might sound a little dull and old school. But it gives you so many options. You can add throws and cushions easily without worrying about clashing colours. The contrast of the textures will look and feel amazing, and it will add depth to your rooms.

If you like the look of fabric, adding a massive throw can give you the best of both. You can still see your leather piece. It’s still adding style and sophistication to your room. But, you’ve got a throw creating a statement. There’s also the added bonus of being able to chuck a throw in the wash, or cheaply swap it out if you fancy a change of colour.

It Looks Expensive

Leather is classy. It’s sophisticated and grown up. No matter how much you’ve spent on it, it looks expensive.

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