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keeping your home in a good condition

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

When it comes to keeping your home in a good condition it doesn't just mean making it look instagramable. 

You want to be looking at keeping on top of small repairs to make sure your home is well cared for and in a good state of repair.

Neglecting certain jobs or small repairs will, over time lead to being bigger jobs and can cost you a lot more money. The thing is, you can sometimes become blind to the little jobs that need doing around the home. That is totally normal but ignoring a repair can be expensive.


Having properly maintained doors is essential. Both internal doors and external too. Doors are there for good reason. They have so many roles. From protecting your home from the elements and providing security when you are home to helping you to efficiently heat your home by creating a barrier when they are closed.

Properly closed and sealed doors are also essential to help you minimize any fire damage should a fire break out in your home. They will provide you with extra time by holding back smoke and flames to give you more time to get out of the property. 

Make sure to keep on top of any door repairs - whether this is your internal doors, front or back doors. If you have bifold doors visit to keep your folding doors working properly at all times.


The roof of your home provides important protection from the elements. If you are noticing problems from your roof, this will most likely be in the form of leaks, damp patches or drafts coming in through the top of your home.

It is a priority you resolve any roof repairs as soon as possible. If you don't you can expect the problem to get worse over time and that small job  - be it replacing missing or damaged tiles or even fixing guttering can end up being a much bigger job. Think damage to interior walls, replastering, damp issues and decor damage and that is before you inspect any damage to your loft area and insulation too.


No one likes to go looking in the drains. It can be a messy and smelly job. But if you have noticed a blockage or other damage to your drains or internal plumbing leaving it in the hope it will resolve itself will only give you more problems as time goes on. The same can be said for the drains on the outside of your house, better known as the gutters.

If you aren't confident with checking drainage issues yourself, contact a professional who can look at fixing this for you. A plumber can fix internal drainage issues whilst gutters would be better seen by a professional like those at Clean Pro Gutter Cleaning Duluth.

Though there are things you can do by yourself. You can check u-bends in the bathroom and under your sink and make sure there is no debris outside blocking the drains.

Sometimes buying some drain unblocker or cleaner will help you resolve the problem. But leaving it could mean you run the risk of flooding in your home as your plumbing or gutters are unable to remove water and waste efficiently or at all. And external damage includes rising damp and damage to brickwork.

What jobs are you planning to do?

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