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Travel: Preparing For a Bank Holiday Road Trip? Here's What You Need

Heading out over the on the bank holiday?

With the Government stating that we are now allowed to drive to locations to exercise, it seems more people are on the roads. Whilst we should try and stay close to home, it's understandable that some people may want a change of scenery.

I'm not condoning flocking to the seaside, I'd love nothing more than a stroll a long the beach with an ice-cream, but right now I'm keeping away until it's safer to do so. But if you are planning to drive anywhere over the Bank Holiday, it pays to be prepared, now more than ever, with less facilities being open and available on route.

The open road, great music, a reliable vehicle - all of this, plus the freedom that comes from travelling by car, makes it worth all the planning and preparation. On the other hand you never know what might go wrong and you definitely don’t want to start off your weekend off by being stuck at the side of the road.

Luckily, you can take just a few measures to ensure that you enjoy the kind of trip that you’ve been looking forward to. Here is a handful of ways to make your road trip adventure a bit more successful no matter who you are travelling with.

Make sure your vehicle is up to date

OK, so you're not gonna buy a brand new car especially for the trip, but it’s still important that your car is up to the journey. Plus, some are much lighter on fuel as well which could save you a lot of money, in the long run. Safety, comfort, and fuel efficiency are the three major components of the ultimate car so keep this in mind for your ride however old it may be. Don't forget to check your tyre pressure. I always throw in a blanket and an extra coat just in case, and make sure you have enough petrol. We've all played the Petrol Station lottery, right?

It’s also good to remember that your journey might be very different from that of your friend - and you may be in need of different vehicles, depending on what kind of trip you have in mind. If you’re going off-road, for example, you’d want a car that can handle these types of challenges while a cross-country trek for a social distance visit to the grandparents would benefit from a car with a lot of space for bags.

Again, I'm not saying you should spend all your money on a new car for the occasion but it’s good to keep this in mind in case your household has multiple vehicles - or maybe you can borrow the right kind from a family member or similar. Have a look at this Liberty Mutual quote as well when you’re checking out insurances for your vehicle.

No matter how you go about with it, make sure it’s serviced and fully up to date before you head off.

Plan the stops

Take a break! Sure, car journeys are about freedom and fun but they can also be tiring, so make sure you plan a route with stops. Check something like Trip Advisor, social media and business websites to find out where you might be able to stop and get a takeaway drink on the way.

If you want the hours you spend together to be as great as possible, it’s best not to try plan everything yourself. Everyone’s travel style is different and, even though you might prefer a happy-go-lucky style to your road trip, you could end up with unhappy family members.

Remember that planning a car journey with a couple of your best friends requires an entirely different mindset than a family trip or a romantic journey with your SO.

If you're taking along children make sure its enjoyable for them too, as well as yourself in the long-run, and plan the stops of your trip before you set off. You can use a couple of apps to lay out the route and plan the stops along the way; this app is an excellent choice for many and even lets you calculate fuel costs, distance, and time.

Now all you need is a decent route, a quiet and safe destination and a travel plan that takes everyone’s wishes into account.

Good luck and enjoy the long weekend!

Love Tx

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