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About The Blog and me is my lifestyle blog and vlog. I am mature blogger from Nottingham with a fresh perspective on topics that range from everyday life and the finer things in life, to well-being and the tougher moments.  I am also an experienced freelance copywriter, presenter and model (plus anything else which will pay for fashion, beauty, home accessories, food....). I have written for The Nottingham Post, Exclusive Magazine, NG Magazine, Belle About Town, NottinghamNOW and the Food & Drink Guide, as well as being the editor of NottinghamLIVE. I write about everything I enjoy (and some I don't), from mental health to physical issues.

My style is down to earth, witty and honest, with a dose of aspiration.  With many years of marketing experience too, when I'm not blogging, vlogging or sleeping, you'll find me cooking or with my pet Chihuahua (Obvs not at the same time)

I am also a cancer survivor and am dedicated to helping inspire those going through the experience. 

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