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Keeping Your Hair Healthy For Years To Come

Updated: Jun 4, 2022

Our hair can play such a massive part in both our appearance and confidence.

Whether we're happy with it or not, we want to keep it healthy, but we also want to be able to style it. Keeping your hair healthy over 40 and for the years to come can be a challenge. If you don't already have a go-to hair stylist, it might be a good idea to find Hair salons that are experienced with mature hair to help you care for your hair as you age. Many of us think about our overall health but don't focus on our hair specifically, but it can be well worth it to make sure that our locks stay luscious as we age.

Washing & Chemicals

Many people wash their hair on a daily basis, using products like shampoo and conditioner to make sure that their locks look clean. In reality, though, the less you use products like this the better your hair will be. Of course there's no need to cut them out completely, but washing your hair less will give you the chance to improve its health. You can also find milder shampoos and conditions with some research online.

Protection From The Elements

Protecting your hair from the elements can be hard. Whenever we go outdoors, we have to deal with different types of weather, some of which are bad for our hair. Direct sunlight, for example, can be damaging if your hair is exposed for too long. There are shampoos and other products that can help with this, for instance, you can help to hydrate your hair by using olive oil such as Gundry MD Olive Oil. When olive oil is absorbed into the hair, it can actually help hair retain hydration. You need to be careful and use accessories like hats to protect your hair from the weather too.

Avoiding Too Much Heat

When we talk about heat, we don't just mean from the sun. Straighteners, curlers, and hair dryers are all essential tools for many hair-lovers. Heat can make it much easier to manipulate your hair, though the effects of this can be quite dramatic on your hair’s health. Using straighteners each day, for example, can damage your hair to the point that it won’t grow back. It’s always worth avoiding exposing your hair to excessive heat, even if you have to compromise on your style.

Repairing Damaged Hair

Living with damaged hair can be difficult if you're trying to style it. Repairing your hair can be done using a few different methods, but options like PRP hair treatment can be the most popular for those who have experienced extreme hair damage or loss. Alongside this, you can also talk to experts about the health of your hair to give yourself the best chance of improving its condition.

As you can see, there are lots of different elements to consider when you are working on keeping your hair healthy, but with time, you should be able to continue to improve the health of your hair.

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