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Health: How to get rid of those annoying and common health problems for good

Updated: May 29, 2019

Is it me or is it the older you get you start to get those niggly little aches and pains?

For example, I think I must sleep in the wrong position because I always wake up with back ache. For some straining their eyes staring at a screen for too long can cause problems.. But some problems are a lot more annoying than others, and it’s these little annoyances that can make an already bad day worse, and make a good day take a turn.

Let’s make sure you’ve got enough information to combat problems like these, as common as they are, and make sure they rarely ever bother you again. After all, our health should always come first, and even when you’re at work, there’s things you can do to perk yourself up and make yourself feel better.

Didn’t Sleep?

Something the modern woman suffers from a lot is a lack of sleep, or a lack of quality sleep, even when you put the full 8 hours in. After all, if you go to bed early, there’s no saying how much deep sleep you’re actually going to get - those times can be brief by their very nature.

If you didn’t sleep enough, he fist thing you need to do is drink plenty o water. Fill up a tall glass as soon as you roll out of bed and drink the whole thing before you do anything else. Don’t eat a big breakfast either, and warm yourself up with small bits of food often over the next couple hours. Let yourself wake up as you go on your way, and keep hydrated to keep yourself alert!

Ate Too Fast?

Eating on the go can be a common problem for many workers. We eat every day of our lives, to make sure we have enough energy to make it through the next 24 hours until we can get back in to bed rest up a little. But when you’re someone who’s often in a rush, or you’ve got more responsibilities than you can count on both your hands, you’re not going to be taking time to eat slowly and properly.

You might skip breakfast altogether, you might rush down lunch, dinner might be over in 10 minutes etc., but eating habits like these can do a lot of damage to your body. People who eat fast often feel hungrier than those who take their time, plus eating on the go can be a cause of indigestion now and then.

That’s where some heartburn medication should come in. Of course, a lifestyle tweak would be best here, but if you don’t have the time currently, make sure you have some tablets on hand to unwanted side effects.

We all have daily health issues, whether it be an ache here and there, or a seemingly terminal lack of sleep because of your lifestyle… It’s time to help yourself out a little, and to remove as much as the cause as possible. It’ll help you feel strong enough to make the proper changes you need!

Love T x


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