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Health: How To Look After Your Mental Health Over The Festive Season

Christmas is meant to be a time of happiness, peace and goodwill to all men- at least that's how it is in the films.

But with so much pressure to create the perfect Christmas, it can often bring with it a huge amount of stress and anxiety; playing havoc with our mental health. Yet mental health is still something that still seems to fall under some strange taboo and can often go ignored, however taking care of your mental health has never been more important than it is in today’s world. Recent studies have shown that over 70% of millennials have or will suffer from mental health issues.

Whether you suffer from stress, anxiety or depression, the pressures of the festive season can often make matters worse. Talking over your feelings with a professional is always recommended and something you shouldn't be worried about, so should be the first step when seeking advice. There are also a few other ways to you can help yourself:

Diet & Supplementation

One thing you can pay attention to is what you put into your body. 

First and foremost, food is incredibly important. Stuffing your body full of junk will make you feel exactly that. Imagine eating a plate of heavy, greasy food; how do you feel? Bloated, ill and lethargic, right? Imagine how feeling this way would contribute to your mental health. If you top this off with some alcohol and even cigarettes, you are on the path to poor mental health.

The best way to ensure that you are on the path to supporting your mental health as well as physical health is by taking control of your diet. The Mediterranean diet is an incredible introduction as well as fish, nuts and vegetables that have all shown to be positive when it comes to lowering the risk of depression. Christmas is notoriously a time for indulgence, and I'm not saying don't indulge or have fun, just do it in moderation and try to balance some healthy meals along with the inevitable treats.

When it comes to supplements, there are many out there, but the most popular are B12, Omega 3, Magnesium and also CBD oil. It is important to remember when shopping for all of these the importance of choosing the right product. Visiting your local health food store when buying any supplement is always recommended as is speaking to the assistants who are generally extremely knowledgeable too. It is usually advisable to check with your GP before you take any supplements if you are already taking any medication.


When taking care of your mental health, you also need to take care of your body. Getting a little exercise every day will benefit you so much and have an incredible impact on your mental health.

You only need to do small amounts of light exercise to get the endorphins flowing through the body and feel the positive impact a little movement can have. 

Many studies have shown that endorphins can dramatically reduce stress, anxiety and depression symptoms as well as reducing physical pain. 

When it comes to exercise, you don’t just have to turn to walking, running or swimming. You can get equally amazing benefits from yoga. Yoga is becoming increasingly more popular among the masses and has shown to be incredible for mental health too.

Remember, you're not alone in the way you are feeling. While it may sound like the simplest thing in the world, talking and support can make a huge difference. 

Love Tx

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