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Home: Give Your Flooring Some TLC This Bank Holiday

Planning a little DIY over the Bank Holiday? We like to walk all over our floors, literally. But sometimes, if you want to create a beautiful interior space, you have to give what’s under your feet a little TLC.

But when it comes to dressing your flooring and making it look beautiful, where do you start? Take a look at my round up of handy ideas and tips.

If you’ve looked at any interior design magazines, recently, you’ll have noticed there’s a trend towards distressed wood looks. Distressed wood isn't as bad as may sound: it’s just wood that’s been made to look old or well-worn, even if it’s not.

Distressed aesthetics tend to pair particularly well with country and Georgian style interiors. They’re not to everyone’s taste, but when paired with rugs can look fab.

Swap Your Carpet For Buffed Concrete

Concrete flooring might sound as if it’s more suited to a warehouse than a home, but you’d be surprised just how good it can look, especially when paired with beautiful Scandi-style interiors.

Concrete is obviously virtually indestructible too, so it doesn’t matter if people spill drinks, drop glasses, or set fire to the rest of your house (bit drastic, I know) : it’ll be there come rain or shine. Concrete also adds an air of sophistication, helping to take the focus away from the floor itself and highlight the features of the room. It provides an uncomplicated backdrop for all your centerpieces.

Go Mondrian

If you haven't heard of Mondrian-style flooring before then you’re not alone. The Mondrian style involves arranging intense colors into an asymmetric block design, demarked by black line boundaries. the ultimate floor for the modern artist in you.

Insert Victorian Tiles In The Bathroom

Believe it or not, Victorian tiles are making a bit of a comeback. Instead of going for large panel tiles in the bathroom, some chic homeowners are replacing them with checkered ceramics which break up space and provide a retro feel.

Choose Electric Blue For Neutral Rooms

You might think that electric blue rugs in neutral rooms would be a big no-no, but it works surprisingly well. The great thing about rugs is that you can experiment with different themes without committing yourself into any permanent change. If you wake up one morning and decide that electric blue is not for you after all, then you just roll up the rug and move on with your life.

Use Inlaid Wood Flooring

Inlaid wood flooring is a great way to give your interiors an ultra-premium feel. Inlaid wood flooring uses wooden panels that have been specially laced with intricate wood patterns. The patterns can take practically any form you like, from the floral to the geometric. It’s the sort of flooring that you might see in an 18th-century character property, and it’s something you can have in yours too, for a price.

Use Teak Instead Of Tiles In Your Bathroom

A wooden floor in the bathroom? Surely not? Teak is a great wood to use in bathrooms because it’s able to withstand the moisture. What’s more, it’s kinder on bare feet than tiles.

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