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Home Improvements To Help You Get Housework In Check At Last

Ever feel like this photo? Housework is annoying enough when you’re in your twenties and have just realised that things don’t clean themselves. By the time you reach your forties, you can be fed up of that constant list of chores and the repetition.

After all, everything from cleaning the floors through to doing the laundry and clearing the clutter has eaten in to your weekends for over two decades. And, the worst part? As soon as you finish one room, you have to start in another.

But, what if I were to tell you that factoring for cleaning potential in your home improvements themselves could at least buy you a little time to tick off every item on that never-ending to do list? Unfortunately, even these improvements can’t totally eliminate the need for housework altogether, but they can significantly transform your experience, and even free your weekends. Keep on reading to find out what they are!

# 1 - Get organised with ample storage

Installing hidden cupboards or investing in furniture complete with storage for your shoes, coats, etc., can make a huge difference to how often you have to declutter your rooms. Storage solutions like in-cupboard organisers also bring the added benefit of altogether eliminating your need to constantly empty/clean your cupboards Getting organised in your cleaning cupboard itself can especially supercharge your efforts by making sure you can easily grab the ideal product to clean as you go, or even that you’re able to put your hand directly on those online appliance spares that you bought last week the moment your washing machine or vacuum threatens not to work. All of which can significantly reduce your need to clean in the first place, as well as simplifying the cleaning that you do still have to get to.

# 2 - Think about materials

Logically, the more difficult-to-clean materials you incorporate into your home, the longer you’re going to spend cleaning them. Hence why you’re also going to want to incorporate materials that make cleaning a walk in the park. Wood or laminate flooring is perhaps the most obvious example of this as it requires only quick mopping sessions. Equally, easy-cleaning materials like leather or vinyl are almost always a great idea for furniture that you can wipe down in seconds no matter whether you’ve spilt a cup of water or a glass of wine.

# 3 - Consider open plan

Open plan designs are an increasingly popular home improvement choice that stands to simplify your cleaning agenda. As well as offering minimalist setups that automatically make it easier to get the better of your home, the ability to run a mop around your entire downstairs or to declutter one room instead of three (or more) can see you cutting cleaning time in half. A generally more spacious, clean-feel downstairs should definitely eliminate that feeling there’s constantly something else to do.

After a lifetime of endless cleaning, you might assume that you’re stuck in the cycle. Let these often basic home improvements prove why that doesn't have to be the case.

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