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How To Avoid These Common Moving Mistakes

You would think I would be used to traveling backwards and forwards to the coast by now, yet I still seem to have a car full every time. Packing is the worst thing.

Thankfully when I got divorced I didn't have to move home, divorce can be stressful enough, and moving home can be a busy, confusing time, and when you’re trying to get things done in a rush, it is common to make more mistakes. Mistakes are normal, but the least amount of moving mistakes you can make, the easier and more affordable the whole process will be.

Not Securing Storage

If you’re not moving very far, you usually won’t need to rent storage. If you plan your time well, you shouldn’t need any extra space to keep your belongings safe. However, if you are moving a long way or have a big house to move, you will need storage. The further you have to move, the more difficult the whole process can be to arrange. Having somewhere safe to put your things while you get your new home ready will be very helpful.

Most moving companies own or have contacts with storage facilities, and there are facilities all over the country, so you shouldn’t have a hard time finding somewhere suitable.

Not Packing Your Items Properly

If you don’t pack your belongings safely and securely, they are more likely to get damaged during the move, and you can end up losing time and money having to repair or replace things. You also don’t need the stress of worrying about your belongings. Having the right packing materials is important for avoiding this mistake. You will need plenty of sturdy packing boxes, and lots of suitable packing materials to stop things from moving around in their boxes or getting broken. You can wrap things in blankets and towels, but proper packing materials are usually better and more effective. Ask your movers if they can provide this.

Choosing The First Moving Company You See

Don’t rush the process of choosing a removals company. Once you know how much you can afford to spend on the moving company, look for a service that:

  • Offers you what you are looking for

  • Provides you with a quote without any hidden expenses

  • Supports and guides you through the whole process of relocating

  • Presents you with its credentials, such as reviews, certificates, and memberships

Get quotes from a couple of different companies, and don’t use settle for the first offer you get. The cheapest option is not always the best one. If you need special help, like moving a piano, check they can handle it. If your move is more difficult, such as a townhome (what is a townhome?) make sure your movers are prepared for it.

Lacking Proper Insurance

Insurance is very important when you’re moving. Accidents can happen no matter how careful you are. Boxes can be dropped, walls can be scuffed, or items can go missing. Your moving insurance will give you a safety net if anything does go wrong. You should include insurance in the list of questions that you will discuss with your moving company. Depending on where you are moving to, there are lots of different options. Choose the one that is best suited to your needs.

Do you have any stories about moving home, or advice?

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