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How To Impress A Prospective Home Buyer

The moving process isn't easy.

Not only do you have to get a mortgage (Unless you're lucky enough to not need one), find a home, and juggle work and life in the process, but you have to sell your home too. If you struggle to win over prospective buyers, you could be stuck in your existing home for some time to come.

Thankfully, it can be reasonably easy to impress home buyers, although you will have to roll your sleeves up and do some work before they turn up at your door.

#1: Tidy up your home's exterior

First impressions are everything. If you haven't taken steps to improve your home's exterior, the viewers first impression of your home won't be a good one.

So, tidy up the garden, if you have one, and perhaps add some colourful and scented flowers too. This way you will please the buyer's senses before they even enter the property.

Give your front door a fresh coat of paint with a colour that will make your door 'pop' when contrasted with the rest of your home.

And add some decor to your doorway, alongside new porch lights, some potted plants, and any other feature that will give them a reason to love the front of your home.

#2: Add value to your home

If you add value to your home, you will be able to raise and justify your asking price. You will do much to impress home buyers too, as certain features will give them a reason to look upon your home more favourably.

You could replace your old windows with windows that are energy-efficient, for example, and you could build onto your home to create more living space.

These are some of the other home improvements you could make when adding value. However, remember to only do what you can afford, as you don't want to run at a loss after your house sale. After all, you will need some money to put into your new home.

#3: Let the light in

The more natural light you can bring into your home, the better. House buyers are always on the lookout for this, as they want to know they will feel warm and comfortable with all of the benefits the sunlight can offer them.

So, replace heavy curtains with something streamlined, as these will let more light pass through. Throw your curtains open too, and move furnishings around, so light isn't blocked. It might also be time to give your windows a good clean so fill your buckets and scrub your windows until they gleam!

#4: Freshen your floors

The home buyer will be paying attention to what's underfoot so you should too. Do what you can to make their trek through your home a pleasant one so they aren't put off by any signs of uncleanliness.

So, you could refinish your wooden floors to make them shine. You could also vacuum your carpeted floors and pay for a deep clean if you needed to. If there are any problem spots on the floor, you could add a few soft rugs to hide any stains. And you could add carpet fresheners to those rooms where there might be the occasional unwanted fragrance (such as the places where your pets like to hang out).

By taking these steps, you will create a more pleasurable experience for the prospective buyer as they walk around your home.

These are just a few of the things you can do to impress a prospective home buyer. If they are bowled over by what they see, they might even make you an offer you couldn't possibly refuse. Here's hoping! But for more advice, speak to your estate agent, as they should have further advice to help you win over the buyers who visit your home.

Did you do anything to your home before you put it on the market?

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