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Putting the fast into food - Pizza Storm Nottingham

There are many fast food restaurants to choose from in Nottingham, but give PizzaStorm a try and its guaranteed to take a pizza your heart.

Firstly, who doesn't love Pizza anyway?, but like any food, there are good and bad pizza and pizza joints.  I would make a bet that most of ups have had a dodgy pizza at some point, whether it be burnt or like cardboard, so and when you find one you like, you tend to stick with it, hence the reason that despite Pizza Storm Nottingham not being new, this was my first visit and it definitely won't be my last.

If you're feeling hungry, Pizza Storm might be the perfect place for you as they aim to serve up your pizza in just a mere 180 seconds! Now that is fast food!

As a pizza fan, I was delighted to be invited to the restaurant on Milton Street in Nottingham to give them a try.  The visit coincided with the launch of some new items on the menu too, so we were keen to put them to the test.

The restaurant offers fast and custom-made 11 inch stone-baked pizzas.  You can choose from over 40 different unlimited toppings to create your own pizza or select one from the Signature Pizza range.  11 & 14 inch pizzas with options including Dirty Mighty Meaty.  Four new toppings have just been launched; Creamy Chicken, Bacon & Potato, Brisket and Blue, Vegan Hoisin Duck and the one we tried, the Meatball Marinara.  

We weren't disappointed.  Baked to perfection in a stone pizza oven, the crust is crisp without being hard, the base is soft without being soggy or doughy and the topping was fresh and flavoursome with tasty pork meatballs. It arrived on our table hot and fast. We also ordered a side of their new Squash N' Mac dish.  This was really flavoursome and had that homemade taste rather than the synthetic one you get in some outlets.  It is served in foil casing, which gives away the fact that it has not just been heated up in a microwave.  This dish has been warmed properly in an oven.  The roasted sweet squash is a lovely contrast in taste and flavour.

Of course I found room for a pudding and was more than happy to try their Chocolate Cookie Dough & Ice-cream which was delicious. 

We visited on a weeknight at 6pm and the restaurant was relatively quiet when we entered but began to get busier as the evening continued.  Families, workers, friends; the restaurant appeals to everyone, with the create your own pizza satisfying even the most fussiest eater and meaning you can never get bored of the same dishes with so many options. It's also great value with an 11 inch pizza being under £8.  The staff were friendly, happy to advise and deliver your food to your table. Oh and they also serve alcohol too.

Love T xx

Disclaimer: Our food was complimentary but my views are my own.



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