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Review: Orangetheory Fitness Nottingham

Disclaimer: Gifted Experience

Earlier this week I was invited along to the official opening of Nottingham's new Orangetheory Fitness Studio.

The suggestion is that those looking to get their post-lockdown fitness fix can now experience this the fast-paced and interactive gym experience that has been sweeping the globe.

So, I have way more to work at than just my lockdown weight. I've been in and out of different gyms for years, the last one I left because I felt physically sick doing the HIIT classes. So don't do HIIT classes you're probably thinking. I agree, that would make sense, but I'm the kind of person that needs motivating when I'm at the gym, otherwise I don't push myself.

Confession time, the last time I went to the gym was January 2019!! I've done workouts since then, but obviously along came cancer and COVID - Just to really make sure I was well and truly out of shape.

I was told we could do a free session while we were there. I admit, I was apprehensive. I purposely didn't search to see what the classes were like as I knew full well I would come up with an excuse and so I went in my gym gear ready to have a go.

On looking through the screen in the reception area I thought 'OK, looks like a normal gym, I can do a bit and get some photos for the blog'. However when I asked about classes (I used to love Zumba - as much as I sweated I'd get through it by pretending I was rehearsing for 'Strictly', I know, don't @ me, whatever gets you through gets you through) I was told it was a class that was taking place. It was kind of what you'd refer to as circuits as one time, in that you move around the gym using the equipment. But there's more to it at Orangetheory than just that...

Offering a unique fitness experience, the new two-floor 5,000 sq ft venue, based in Castle Marina Retail Park, combines technology and fitness designed to meet the individual goals of its members. The stunning new interiors feature 14 treadmills, 14 hydro rowing machines, bikes, striders and an array of strength training equipment including dumbbells up to 70lb.

Its one-of-a-kind high-intensity interval training (HIIT) classes (yes, I panicked when I realised) feature rowing, cardio and strength training. Each session is focused on five heart rate zones grouped into different sections by colour symbolising, resting, easy, challenging, uncomfortable and all-out. The goal is for participants to spend just 12-20 minutes with their heart rate elevated in “The Orange Zone” to help boost their metabolism, burn fat and burn calories.

The gym’s special heart-rate monitors (both chest and arm options available) allow members to track their progress in real-time using metrics such as heart rate and calorie burn through the heart rate zones. You can see this information on the screens in the gym (along with other peoples) This data is then made available post-class via email and on the Orangetheory app. With five coaches on board, each class is designed to feel like an outstanding experience with non-stop motivation to boost participant’s energy levels.

I got some good time in the orange, although I admit I was slightly concerned I went into the red after 3 minutes! Adrenalin?, Panic? I'm not sure. I tried to push myself but mindful of the fact I'm not, and to be fair, never have been the most sporty person, combined with operation sites I worry about pulling. That said, I enjoyed the class. The coach was motivating and spoke to us individually to tell us if we needed to slow down, push harder or correct our posture.

Commenting on the gym’s launch, Studio Manager, Alistair Hinchcliffe said:

“We’re really thrilled to open our doors. Orangetheory brings a unique fitness experience that caters to all fitness levels. Using our unique heart rate zones and heart rate monitors combined with our enthusiastic coaches means each class feels electric and gives our members control to track their progress.

“As lockdown lifts and life returns to normality, many will be keen to recharge their fitness levels following months of inactivity, and hitting our high-intensity 60-minute class is a great place to start.”

“Nottingham is a fantastic location and we’re looking forward to welcoming many new customers over the coming weeks and to helping to build a new wellness community here.”

Will I be joining? Like everything it comes down to cost and time doesn't it, as well as location, so it's something I need to think about BUT I will say that if you are looking for a gym with the added bonus of something different, and like me need to be motivated, I would definitely recommend it. I definitely felt better after for the workout.

Open seven days a week from 5.30am - 9pm, members can expect high energy and motivating workouts. Starting from July, classes will start from 5am with the last class at 8pm. Prices start from £59 and those who book early will have access to big savings.

For more information on Orangetheory Fitness, visit or follow @otfnottingham on Instagram.

To book your place, visit the website or call 0115 678 4444

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