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The Benefits Of Annual Boiler Servicing

There are a number of appliances in your home that if they suddenly stopped working, it would mean chaos. One of those is your boiler. The heart of your home that’s responsible for supplying the hot water to your taps, and the gas or electricity to your many appliances throughout the home.

When the boiler stops working, or a problem occurs, it can mean disaster for your home environment, especially if it’s not a quick fix. That’s why an annual boiler service by a gas engineer is required to keep on top of the health of your boiler. Here are some of the benefits of having an annual boiler service.

Improves the safety of your home

The boiler, whilst it provides a lot of power to the home in many ways, is also a dangerous appliance that you don’t want to allow to go unseen to. While it may not be cheap to have an engineer come out to your property every year, it’s something that could certainly help improve the safety of your home.

From gas leaks and faulty parts within the boiler itself, to leaks on your radiators, if you allow these to go undetected, then they could cause some pretty serious consequences as a result.

Prevents heat wastage

While most boilers will perform well over the years, as they begin to get older they tend to underperform. It’s important that you’re being mindful of how well it performs when it goes into the mature stages of the boiler life. The average boiler will last around fifteen years before it needs replacing. Some will last longer, some less.

With regular boiler servicing, you can help keep track of how much wastage is being lost in heating. There will certainly be signs of heat wastage through your monthly gas and electricity bills but an engineer will be able to highlight this also when it’s noticed.

Helps spot any underlying problems early on

Talking of spotting problems, your engineer will have a keen eye for spotting anything that is perhaps out of place or doesn’t look quite right. If there are any underlying problems that your boiler has, it’s best for an annual service to be organised every year. This will help spot those issues before they end up developing into something much worse.

Useful for maintaining performance in the long-run

With regular checks from engineers, you’re likely to find that your boiler will perform better in the long run. As mentioned, it can often be the case that some boilers lack quality performance as they get older. However, if you’re maintaining it to a high standard with annual check-ups, you’re going to help that performance last longer.

Helps your boiler last for over its expected lifespan

With boilers, the longer they last, the better it is for your bank balance. Regular check-ups of the boiler will help your boiler last over its expected lifespan.

Make sure you’re getting your boiler checked every year to avoid any problems occurring and causing you costly mistakes. It's advisable not to leave it until winter when you might need it the most. Get it serviced during the better weather then you're ready for the winter.

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