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Lifestyle: Things You Should Be Doing This November

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

2020 has been a real rollercoaster for all of us, however, that doesn't mean that any planning for the Christmas holidays should go out of the window.

Travel Plans

If you are planning on visiting relatives or travelling abroad, now is the time to make sure plans are in place such as Train tickets for Spain, and that the company you are using for transport is Covid-safe and that your tickets are refundable should arrangements change.

Christmas Shopping

If you haven't already started yours, begin by making a list of people you need to buy for. More than ever this year we need to support our small local independents, so aim to buy at least a few of your gifts from them. If you are buying anything personalised, you should also make sure you order that now too so that it arrives in time for Christmas.

Don't forget about Black Friday and plan to buy any larger goods online to save yourself some money.

You should also buy your Christmas cards, write and address them ready to post and make sure any that are going abroad are posted in good time. The same applies to the shipping of any presents you are likely to be sending.

Get the room ready for the tree

The start of November is the time to finish any last minutes decorating or jobs in the room where you have your Christmas tree. Move the furniture now if you need to and give everywhere a good clean, because once the trees in place and the presents start to grow under it, you'll find it difficult to get to those hard to reach places to dust. Get the throws out and make sure your home is comfy for the season too.

Towards the end of the month you might want to put up your tree along with any outdoor decorations.

Advent Calendar

Make sure you've got yours! There are so many to choose from nowadays. When I was a kid we thought it was a luxury if they had glitter! Now they range from chocolate to high end make up, jewellery, homeware and food.

Plan a Calendar of Activities

Covid has taken a lot of the spontaneity out of events. There will be less taking place than usual this festive season and those that are, are largely ticketed. Take a look through local 'What's On' Guides and get any activities booked to ensure you and your family don't miss out.

Baking ingredients

If you like to bake for Christmas, now is the time to make sure you are stocked up on your ingredients. There's no need to panic buy, but making sure you have enough flour, butter and essential ingredients now will save you queuing later.

Buy and Freeze Snacks

Keep a few bits and pieces in the freezer ready should people decide to drop round without much notice. Again, it's not a reason to panic buy, just be prepared with a few bits to save unnecessary last minute dashes to the supermarket.

Sort your Wardrobe

By now you should have put your summer clothes into storage. I know the weather can be unpredictable, but it's unlikely you'll be needing shorts or playsuits for the foreseeable. Make sure you have plenty of room for fluffy jumpers, cosy lounge wear and warm pyjamas.


Just because it's cold or you're busy, it doesn't mean you should stop exercising. Keeping your body active and healthy actually boosts your immune system which we all need to do this time of year, and lets face it, we don't feel so bad about stuffing our faces with the Christmas goodies either if we've managed to get some exercise.

Country Walks, Rides and Drives

Finally, Autumn is undoubtedly one of the most colourful times of the year when it comes to our trees and countryside. Make sure you get out into nature, either on foot, bike or even a short drive in the car, to fully appreciate the rich and vibrant colours of the leaves.

We often go about life without noticing what it right in front of us. This year, more than any, we need to slow down and appreciate life and all its wonders.

Love Tx


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