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Top Ways to Discover New Music

In my teens I couldn't imagine a time when I couldn't tell you what was in the charts, but that day comes to us all.

My Spotify playlist mainly consists of 80's and 90's stuff, the soundtrack of when life was easier. But that doesn't mean I don't listen to anything else. When I presented the NottinghamLIVE show I'd often come across new bands and artists while compiling the playlist, some better than others. So you never know when or where you might discover something new that you love. So where else can you look?

There are always playlists and streaming sites, TikTok and social media where music is often the most played thing to listen to. A good way to discover new music - besides using the best music torrenting sites listed out there - is going to depend on how adventurous you are.

1. Use social media. If you are a social media fan like me, you will always find amazing new up and coming artists out there trying to get their music heard. There’s a reason that this music is vital and it’s because it’s new! Seeing new artists playing online is a good way to discover someone new to listen to. There are so many ways that you can ensure that you discover a new artist but social media is going to help you discover those who are just trying to get their sound out there into the world.

2. Use the internet to guide you. You might have a specific music type you love, and the internet often has ‘Discover New Music’ as an option. This can take you through your listening choices and teach you which music is available to you and would be appealing to you, too. The latest streams are here, as are directions for which songs to download and try out.

3. Read through music review sites. You might disagree with the reviews but that doesn't mean that the music is bad, it's often down to preference don't forget. You can read through bad reviews and still discover something amazing. Read through them and listen objectively to the music you can discover on the sites.

4. Tune into local radio stations. There are so many awesome songs that get played on the radio these days but those are often piped nationally. Local university radio stations are playing bands and singers that are trying to do all they can to get their sound out there. Tuning in will give you a chance to make a new discovery and end up trying out new sounds from bands who are trying to make it.

New music can be revolutionary to the listener. If you are doing all that you can to discover new music, you can expand your horizons at the same time.

There are so many amazing things to listen to out there and you could discover them all with these tips.

Love Tx

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