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3 Tips For Brightening Your Home

Whether your house has large windows and a lot of natural light or a plethora of neglected nooks, there is always that one area that could be a bit brighter.

Perhaps more than one area. Aside from aesthetics, the amount of light or darkness in a space can have a significant impact on our mood, cognition, and health. If the thought of creating a whole new lighting system or tearing down a few walls seems a bit intimidating, there are lots of easy fixes that may make a big impact. Read on to find out more about how to brighten your home the easy way.

Change Your Curtains

Sometimes the simplest solution is the most effective, and this is definitely true when it comes to curtains. If you want to lighten up your house, replacing thick, heavy curtains with light, airy alternatives should be at the top of your list. Or why not do away with the idea of curtains altogether? Installing light wood shutters could be a much better solution, especially if you want to entirely enclose the room when they are closed.

Not only will the entire room look much brighter when you make these changes, but there will be a psychological shift as well. You’ll feel lighter too, and much more relaxed when you can enjoy an airier space. If you also update your windows and install casement windows, you can make your home look stylish and beautiful while brightening it at the same time.

Add Mirrors

Natural light has many benefits, ranging from aiding sleep to increasing vitamin D levels, and you should constantly strive to make the most of it in your house. This is when mirrors come into play. Mirrors may be used to bounce light throughout the home, which is very useful for brightening up long, gloomy corridors or a flight of stairs. Try a big floor mirror or an extravagant feature display of various shapes and sizes, but always put them next to a window or under a light to get the most out of them.

If you’re worried that this might be a bit much on your walls, you can easily break up the mirror display with other wall art, such as family photos or landscapes. That way, there will be a good contrast, and you’ll have found the ideal brightness level in your property.

Use A Mix Of Lighting

When designing a lighting scheme, consider what you use the space for and when you use it – creating the ideal solution for each area is a balancing act between ambient and task lighting. Floor plugs provide a great deal of versatility and the possibility for customised task lighting, while daylight bulbs can create a warm, welcoming atmosphere in areas that lack natural light. Pendant lighting can help with both; it's ideal for kitchen islands and breakfast bars, and it can function as a spotlighting alternative as well as an ambient solution.

Wall lights can be an interesting and dramatic alternative to conventional overhead lighting, while desk and table lamps can offer a soft glow. Remember that overhead lighting is frequently the foundation of a lighting system, so pick something that represents the character of the space and compliments your overall style.

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