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When Is The Best Time To Update Your Interior Decor?

For any homeowner, the problem of what and when to update can come up quite regularly.

Deciding when is the best time to update your interior decor can be difficult, especially if you are on a budget or need to work with an existing design scheme. We can often be unsure which parts of our home to target first, and even small projects can become big ones if appropriate planning isn't done beforehand.

To determine the best time to update your interior decor, it's essential to understand what typically goes wrong with a room and why.

The five most common problems are:

Wear and tear

As items get older, they begin to look worn or damaged; this includes fading of paint or carpets, stains on fabrics, cracking or scuffing of wood finishes, etc.; essentially anything that makes your space look tired.


Damage can be anything from minor dents in walls to significant water leaks; any stain or blemish that disrupts the look of a wall or floor.

Uninvited guests

Animals, insects, or children can cause damage; they might rip up carpeting, chew wires, etc.


Dead light bulbs and worn out fixtures can make a room look bad; this is especially true of lights near windows. Just think about how much sun shines in through the windows at different times of day. Hand-crafted Moroccan lighting and furniture is the perfect starting point to update your current fixtures.


Over time, spills and dust settle on surfaces; this includes furniture, walls and floors.

It can help if you don't wait until your problems are so unbearable that you need an entire renovation when it comes to interior decor.

Here are some guidelines that will help determine when is the best time to update your interior decor :

  • If you have a room that looks bad, the sooner you figure out what decor style goes with it, the better. You can't fix the paint chosen poorly or install new floors if stains already ruin them. It's essential to go back and select everything in a space before actually starting on anything else.

  • If you have carpeting or furniture in poor condition but love the rest of your room, it might be best to wait until later on to make changes. This way, no part of your home will look left out while you work on one project at a time.

  • If all pieces of your room look fine but happen to clash with each other, it's best to update each element simultaneously.

  • If you're not sure how detailed you want to be when updating your interior decor, here is another suggestion: change one thing per season.

The most important thing to keep in mind when deciding when the best time is to update your interior decor is that you shouldn't let things get out of hand before getting them fixed.

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