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4 Upgrades to Add Luxury to Your Home

Adding a splash of luxury to your home can do more than make it look good. Many luxury items have added benefits of being eco-friendly or having the potential of saving us money in the long run. Here are some luxury upgrades that you can make to your home to make your life a little easier.

Smart Tech

The introduction of Smart Technology into our homes has been met with some resistance but it is slowly disappearing. The initial cost of this tech was enough to put many people off. But as prices go down and the benefits go up, people are opening their homes to technology. Now you can link your doorbell to your phone (I really want this), your TV to your laptop, and your fridge can tell you if you need milk (wait, what?). A lot of this tech is cheap to buy, easy to install, and can add a sense of luxury that wasn’t there before.

Windows and Doors

Do you notice one of the most significant changes that can be made about a home is the windows and doors? You may have noticed a neighbour switching out the old windows for new and seen the effect it has had on the property. You don’t need to go as far as ripping out the windows, especially if they are relatively new. You can change the blinds to wooden window shutters to help modernise the look. Pairing them with high quality and properly measured curtains can have a dramatic effect.

Heated Flooring

If you have ever stepped out of the shower onto a cold floor in the middle of winter, you will understand why a heated floor is not just desirable, it’s practically essential (and so cosy). Upgrading to heated floors has become a lot easier over the years, and even someone with good DIY skills could manage to fit them. They can be fitted under tiles or a wooden floor but you will need to ensure that you pick the correct heating pads for the right floor. Underfloor heating is great if your master bedroom is over the garage as it helps prevent a chill creeping up from the unheated room below.

Bar Area

If you have one, it doesn’t matter if the bar is indoor or outdoor, as long as you can keep your guests happy and dry, a bar is a great addition. A lot of people are discovering that there is a spare space in their homes or garage that is being wasted. Rather than let it collect dust, they are creating their own home bar for their friends and family to enjoy themselves, especially since the pandemic. If you do decide to have a bar, make sure that you arrange plenty of seating, especially if you have a big TV to go with the bar. Everyone will want to come over for the Big Game. The only thing you need to think about is how big and bold you want your bar to go. And don’t be afraid to ask for a donation in the form of a good bottle of wine.

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