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Make The Most Out Of Your Home And Avoid An Expensive Upgrade

I'm at the point where I don't know whether I want a larger home or to downsize and have less stress and maintenance.

I think the pandemic highlighted lots of things about what is important in our life. But if your family is getting larger and your kids need more space, then you might think about moving to a larger property. However, it’s important to be aware that this can be expensive and stressful process. It’s also often completely unnecessary. Instead, you could make some changes to ensure that you are getting the most out of your current home. Here are some options worth exploring:

A Conversion

Firstly, you might think about converting an area of your home that you’re not really using. An example of this would be the garage. Many homeowners find that the garage quickly becomes a refuge for things that don't fit into the rest of the property. With a conversion, it can be so much more than this. You can convert it into a room that can be a brand new space in your home. This could be an office if you're now working from home or a play area if you have kids. If you still feel like you need somewhere to store your car away from the elements, you can look at the best carports to provide the shelter and cover that your car needs.

You’ll need to talk to a contractor if you decide on this type of conversion. While it’s possible to DIY, it’s quite complex and you want to avoid mistakes here. Don’t forget, there’s huge potential to add value to your home with a change like this.


If you want to make a less dramatic change to your home, then you could think about decluttering. The benefit of decluttering your property is that you don’t have to worry about missing out on the space that your home provides. You can do this by exploring a minimal design. Essentially, it’s important to think about the different pieces of furniture and accessories that are key for a specific room in your home. If you make the right choices here you will see a big difference.

Embrace The Alfresco Lifestyle

Finally, a great way to ensure that your home feels a little larger is to embrace the alfresco lifestyle. Essentially, this just means that you’re not wasting the space that your garden provides. This might mean that you need to make a few modifications and changes to your garden to ensure that it’s a space that you love spending time. This could be adding a seating area where you can enjoy drinks with friends and family. This is something that you can handle with DIY rather than hiring an expensive contractor. It could be a great summer project.

Hopefully this gives you some ideas to consider instead of moving to a larger property. Don’t forget a larger home might seem like a great idea if your family is growing. However, a bigger home tends to mean bigger bills which you need to budget for.

Try making the most of your current home instead.

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