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5 Little Ways to Make Your Guest Feel Welcome This Christmas

It’s that time of the year where we're getting together with friends and family and celebrating to Christmas.

I love the build up - more than I love the actual day to be honest. Days filled with Christmas markets, getting cosy and watching Christmas films, and of course family visiting.

Whether your guests plan to spend the night or they’re just calling in for a catch up, you want to make sure everything in your home is nice and presentable. It’s important that your guests feel welcomed in your home, and can be as comfortable as you are, so in todays blog post I'm sharing some helpful tips to ensure that your guests feel welcomed in your home!

Have a clean home

It sounds obvious. Your home doesn’t need to be spotless, don't forget that it's you they've come to see, not your home, but if you're like me, you probably want it ]nice and tidy for your guests. If your guests are spending the night, make sure your guest bedroom is fully cleaned up with some fresh bedding. You could also look into getting some aluminum louvres for the windows as these are great for keeping the sun out of the house if you live in a sunny climate.. It may also help ensure that your guests sleep well since the sun will be blocked out from the windows. Try to make sure that your home doesn’t look too pristine or clinical. A home that looks almost un-lived in is going to appear intimidating and slightly unwelcoming. You want your guests to relax


Give out the Wi-Fi password

A lot of people may well have unlimited data plans, but you never know who may not, or what their signal is like. In cases like these, it’s best to be open and give out your Wi-Fi password. It will make your guest feel welcomed and it saves you from having to repeat it multiple times. You can find plenty of cute decorative Wi-Fi information printables on Etsy. You can have this on display somewhere in your home for visitors to see.

Ensure that your guest has some space

Obviously, you want to give your guest some physical space, but also some space as well to just relax and unwind. You could fit a nice coat rack nicely into the interior aesthetic of your home. This way, your guest will have someone to hang their coats and even place their shoes. If your guests are staying overnight, try to have a guest bedroom if your home that can accommodate them. You’ll also want to make sure that there is enough room for placing their belongings as well.

Stock up

Whether it’s Christmas or any time of the year, you should absolutely stock up on items that your guests enjoy. Try looking into buying their favorite food, making one of their favorite dishes, or even some drinks that they like. Ask them before their visit what their dietary requirements are so there won’t be any awkward situations around that. The fact you've considered them truly goes a long way and makes them feel welcome.

Offer them a drink

Once people get through the door, hang up their coats, and then get them settled. You should then offer them a drink, so before the arrival of your guests, you should try and stock up on things such as coffee, tea, water, wine, beer, soft drinks, or anything else that you think your guests may enjoy, including nibbles. Having several options will make them feel welcome.

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