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Home: Give Your Bedroom An Instant Glow Up

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

Our bedroom is the most important room in the house. It is our refuge at the end of long days and it is the place that is supposed to give us the warmth and security we need.

Despite this, and mainly because our bedroom is kind of hidden and not exposed to the eyes of guests like the kitchen or living room, we tend to neglect it over time. Improperly sized wardrobe or lack of organization in the first place may make it a less cosy room.

There are some common mistakes in bedroom design, so in this blog post I'm going to give you a few tips.

When we want to design our bedroom we have to make some important decisions: the location of the bed, the location of the wardrobe, and if there is room for a bathroom inside the room - the degree of separation and transparency must be decided. Most of us prefer to maintain a separation from the intimate activity of the bathroom but in some rooms, you will find the bathroom in plain sight right in front of a window, for added charm; although this isn’t something you can do instantly; so let’s realign ourselves with the task at hand!

Decorative areas

Many choose to cover the floor of the bedroom with parquet to provide warmth, and this common choice proves to be true in most cases. But even if it is not possible to do so (for budget reasons or a rented apartment), you must not give up the feeling of warmth. Rugs can compensate and cover any ugly floor that you dislike, and also allow for the replacement and refreshing of the room relatively easily. You can even use rugs on top of carpet too if there is a stain you can’t remove or you want to add a little extra pizzazz. Curtains are of great importance too! They do not have to be particularly expensive, but they frame the windows, and if you hang wide and long curtains from the window itself, it can soften the look of the room or hide a particularly unattractive window. Another option of course is shutters; they look stylish and can be kept clean easily and add extra privacy, so if you’re on a main road; this is a must!

Colours and contrasts!

Choose the boldness of the colour or texture yourself. Furniture does not have to be the same, on the contrary. Different dressing tables but with a common theme can create interest, especially in small rooms where there is no room for a plurality of furniture that gives character. You could also consider some decorative lighting ideas to bring splashes of vibrant colour to the room.

And one last tip: pay attention to what is happening at the back of the bed. If you paint the wall behind it a different colour from the rest of the room you will get a focus of interest, and if you invest a little thought, you can create a bed back from different materials that will add interest too.

The main thing is that you go to bed feeling that your room is welcoming you and you can completely unwind. I've given my bedroom a little makeover recently which you can see over on my YouTube Channel.

Creating that perfect room doesn’t have to be difficult, so get inspired!

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