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Beauty: You had me at lashes


Aren't the lashes in this photo just dreamy?

A few weeks ago I did a photo shoot and invited along my friend Schannelle who is also a beauty therapist and the owner of Meye Lash.

I will share the photos with you when I get round to putting more on my modelling portfolio page, but I wanted to tell you more about the fab lashes.

I should start by saying that Schannelle used some great products from the HD range for the days shoot and she asked if I would also like to try a set of the lashes for the first time.

I've had individual lash extensions from Meye Lash before. The brand was officially launched in June, and they're great. They really make a difference and importantly make you look better even before you've applied any make up. #iwokeuplikethis


The only downside if there is one is the time it takes to apply them if you're in a rush and they are more expensive than the lash sets you can apply yourself, but like everything in life, you gets what you pay for. Act like a lady, lash like a boss.

Meye lash retail a collection of products which are both high in quality and competitively priced.  The products, which include individual lashes and strip lashes, can be bought by lash technicians, make up artists and yourself.

Schannelle launched the brand for fellow lash fanatics. As an eyelash professional herself she was keen to ensure that the all products are animal friendly and contain materials derived from human hair and faux mink. (You wouldn't really want to think you'd got dead animal fur on your eyes would you?).  I know from knowing Schannelle for many years that the project is not something she's rushed into.  She took her time to source the best manufacturers from around the world to help design and develop each products ensuring they were safe and achieved outstanding results. 

The company now stocks two collections.  The first was designed exclusively for salons and qualified technicians like herself and is selection of individual lashes which the like of me would not have a hope in hell of fitting myself.  Yes they take time and yes I've fallen asleep during the fitting (but hey what harm did a power nap or a bit of extra beauty sleep ever do anyone?) but the results are amazing.  A steady hand and a lot of patience is needed by your lash pro so make sure you get a good one.  Meye lash stock Classic 1.1 lashes, hybrid lashes and Russian lashes. As a wearer rather than a buyer I'm not 100% sure of the difference but I know the Russian lashes are a favourite of mine - think beautiful doll.

A variation of curls, thicknesses and lengths are available, allowing professionals to create different looks on their clients. Full volume and natural looks can be achieved, whilst maintaining healthy natural lashes. 

Each individual lash is designed with a flexible, yet soft and lightweight texture, Meye Lash, lashes are am told pleasant to work with and easily removed. Sure some will shed as your eyelashes do naturally but their longevity means they will last up to 6 weeks. Longer than a lot of relationships!


The second collection is false strip lashes and has been created for MUA’s and consumers, as these offer a diverse range, that can be used daily to volumize natural lashes and accentuate different makeup looks. The Strip Lash variations give customers a choice of either a glamour or natural look. Obviously I picked glamour.  The luscious thick lashes looked stunning when applied.  They stayed put throughout the whole shoot but were easily removed to be washed, saved and used again.  I was happily wearing them until I lost one (I think Meye Lash now have beautiful cases to keep them in too) I have an awful feeling that the ex-husbands dog, who I was looking after at the time might have eaten it - I could list the things I took out that dogs mouth!  A cork, wonder  web, a tub of cream cheese, my own dog! He was a cutie but I wasn't prepared to look for it coming out the other end, as weird as a small bum wig might have been on a chihuahua. 

Do you wear lashes? if so which are your favourite?

ove T xx


Meye Lash can be purchased online via their social media accounts – Website coming soon!

Free UK delivery.


My images by Sue Stevens  - Q Vision Photography

Lash Images courtesy of Meye Lash



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