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Everything You Need to Know About Discovering Your Unique Personal Style

If you haven’t figured out your unique personal style yet, you could be finding it difficult to shop. Knowing your exact style, what works for you, and what doesn’t work for you, will help you to save a ton of money and time when shopping and putting your outfits together.

Here's my guide on how to discover your unique personal style.

1. Examine Past Outfit Choices

It’s a good idea to take a look at some of your past outfit choices. Look at pictures, both recent and old and really pay attention to what you’re wearing. Is there something there that worked for you quite well? Is there an outfit you hate now you look back, and you felt rubbish in at the time? Perhaps it’s the color, the material, or the way it hangs. Whatever you hate, make sure you bear this in mind and make a mental note for the future. Learning from past mistakes will give you a better idea of what you’re going to love to wear now.

2. Figure Out What You’re Wearing When You Feel Your Best

Just like you looked back at past pictures to see what didn’t work, you can also figure out what you tend to be wearing when you feel your best. What were you wearing the last time you felt amazing and empowered in your outfit? Again, consider whether this was the type of outfit, the color, or a mixture of things. You’ll begin to get a good idea of what you feel most comfortable in and the pieces you should avoid.

3. Look At Items That Still Have The Tags On

Do you own any items that still have the tags on, or items you know you have worn once and then thrown to the back of the wardrobe? I'm ashamed to say I've been guilty of this in the past. Perhaps you felt like you liked it at the time, but after wearing it you discovered you hated it. This could be due to a scratchy material or something else about the piece that you find uncomfortable. This is why it’s so important to avoid buying things for one event. Buy things you can mix and match and create new outfits with, so you’re never short on options and never buy pieces that get worn once and are forgotten about.

4. Pick 3-4 Words To Describe Yourself

Pick 3-4 words that describe you and then figure out how you can translate that to your style when you go shopping. Perhaps you like ease and comfort - it makes sense, then, that you would go for pieces you feel nothing short of comfortable in. Maybe you really love bold patterns. In that case, pieces should be both bold and comfortable. If you have a couple of keywords you can stick to, you’ll be able to really narrow down your options when shopping and you’ll always find items that suit you.

5. Buy Less, Experiment More With What You Have

Buying less is better for the environment and your purse. People are shopping now more than ever due to the rise in online shopping, it's just so easy isn't it. However, fast fashion pieces are being worn once and then either go to the landfill or fall apart. If you’re going to buy something, and you really need it, then you should be willing to spend a little more on it to invest in a piece that lasts. You can then buy less overall and experiment more with what you have. In fact, many people choose to create a capsule wardrobe - although this doesn’t have to be 10 pieces rotated all year long. You can have a slightly bigger capsule wardrobe if you wish, providing you’re happy with your choices and you know you can wear and mix it all.

6. Don’t Buy Into Trends

Trends come and go so quickly. They come back around, too, which is why if you are going to go for a trend, it’s probably better to look for the original vintage version! Women’s fashion brands that are a bit different are good, too. Don’t feel pressured to look like every girl you see on Instagram. Finding your own personal style means you’ll rarely dress like anybody else, and this can be scary. However, it’s so satisfying when you love your clothes, feel great in them, and get the most wear out of them possible. Style is entirely different to fashion. Style is timeless and unique, but fashion is not.

7. Find Style Inspirations

Copying somebody else’s style can be a bit boring, but you can find style inspirations and use them to figure out what you really like. Which celebrities do you admire most for their style? Creating Pinterest boards can give you a good idea of what you really like, and you can usually spot patterns in the pictures you’re saving. For example, if you’ve saved a lot of pictures of celebrities wearing oversized faux leather jackets, you would probably wear one if you bought one!

8. Focus On Yourself And Nobody Else

Dress for yourself. This is key if you’re going to discover your unique personal style. You can’t dress for other people, or how other people want you to dress if you’re looking for your own personal style. You might still get things wrong occasionally, but you’ll learn so much about what you like and what you don't like, and that’s the most important thing.

9. Shop Carefully

Being conscious of where you’re buying clothes will ensure you have a wardrobe full of quality pieces that are going to last, and that you’re doing your bit for the environment. Try to avoid fast fashion and instead shop places that are trying to make a difference and help the planet and the people who make the clothes. This is why buying from boutique stores, small businesses and even handmade outlets is often a good idea, as well as vintage places. Not only do you get some unique clothes, you’ll help the planet and avoid having to buy as much year round.

How are you going to discover your unique style?

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