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Beauty: Microblading - Everything you need to know

microbladed eye brows
After Microblading

I was a teenager of the 90's, which meant we plucked and preened to achieve those fine arches.

We didn't always succeed, well I didn't.  Plagued by the fact I have one eye brow higher than the other (before you dunk me to see if I'm a Witch, so does Kylie and Roger Moore, though I'd rather be compared to the first if it's all the same). At the time, a quick once over with a brow pencil and you're done, but trends change.  Hello the thick brow I'd once gotten rid of - OK, we were getting mono but that was teenage hormones.  Growing back your brows is not as easy as you might think.  Hairs grow everywhere except where you want them to.

In an endeavour to thicken my brow I tried every pencil and powder, even those stencils from China where you fill your brow in, but I only seemed to accentuate the wonkiness.  I gave HD a go, which looked OK when I left the salon because they'd put make up on top of the brow, but the next day I was back to living in sparseville, only forty-odd quid lighter for the privilege.

However, there is a more permanent fix for wonky brows, thin brows, zero brows, blonde ultra-faint brows and even brow loss due to alopecia,   that will not only change your face but also your life - microblading.  If you haven't tried it, then you've probably heard of it. due it's rise in popularity. It's not cheap but the treatment is long lasting.

So, what is it?  In short,  it is temporally tattooing your face. Now that may well sound scary, and I do suggest you make sure you go to an experienced, reputable company/technician.  Although it is temporary, it can last for up to four years.  Great if you love your finished brow, not so great if you end up looking like a clown.

Whilst Microblading does not go as deep as a normal tattoo, pigment is still implanted under the skin. There are different techniques of microblading such as micro feathering, ombrè or micro shading.  The original microblading involves having tiny hairs drawn on. Micro feathering is a lighter option which focuses on adding just a little to the brows existing shape, and ombrè or microshading, which is like a more filled in brow option instead of hair-like strokes.

My eyebrows before microblading- numbing cream applied and colour matching.
My eyebrows before microblading- numbing cream applied and colour matching.

Is it painful? As I said previously.  It is a form of tattooing, but I wouldn't call it painful.  It's more of a scratchy sensation.  The only time it borders on pain is if the pigment fails to take and your technician has to go over the same bit a few times, but do be assured, a topical numbing cream will be applied before you begin and can be topped up throughout the procedure to avoid any discomfort. Expect your appointment to last in the region of 2 hours.  This is to give your technician plenty of time to talk you through the process, brow options and for the numbing cream to take effect.  If you know you have a low pain threshold, do let your technician know so they can apply the cream and allow plenty of time for it to take effect, but the pain is probably no worse than the sensation of threading or epilating. The technician will also confirm the colour with you and will draw on the brows first to make sure you are happy with the shape and size before she makes them more permanent.

Microblading equipment
Microblading equipment

The process itself also takes time. You wouldn't want your technician to rush now would you?  This is your FACE.  Prepare to be patient while they do their intricate work. While the process takes place you will lie down on a treatment couch. Your technician will then set about creating the tiny superficial cuts in and along your brow, and then deposit a pigment into the brow shape so it will seep into the pattern or hair-like wounds they have created.

The results are instantly noticeable.  Whilst initially it was weird to see this pair of thicker eye brows looking back at me, I was blown away by how great it was to have shape!  Not only that, they appeared more arched AND she had managed to make them more level. You may experience some redness - (I didn't) but nothing that means you would need to hideaway.

They will be darker than your final result to begin with, but they will get lighter.  What happens is that the skin scabs (don't worry - it doesn't look scabby - only you will realise) During this time (5-7 days) you need to protect and look after the brows by avoiding moisture, so don't wipe them with a cloth or cleanser, don't go swimming and avoid sweaty workouts. It also goes without saying  - Do not put make up on them! Not only will your end result look better but it will help you avoid infection.

Getting the brows wet means the scab comes off too soon, taking pigment with it which could leave your lovely new brows patchy. So, does scabby mean itchy? I guess everyone is different.  Mine didn't itch for a almost a week, even then it wasn't too bad, I didn't want to scratch them off.  A good tip my technician gave me was that if they itched; tap them - don't scratch.  It's true - it did alleviate the itch.  

Results can last 3-4 years depending on your skin type and lifestyle, such as if your skin is oily etc, though you may wish to go back for a touch up every six months or so. We should anyway, but your new brows are another reason to ensure you always apply a sun factor cream when in the sun, as UV rays will fade your make up.

Results a few weeks after microblading
Results a few weeks after microblading

Is it worth it?  Yes, I'd definitely say so, just for waking up with your brows already done, I already look so much better. You might have read in a previous blog that I had lash extensions.  The two together work really well.

For the first time in ages I've been brave enough to venture outdoors in just a dash of lippy.

Love T xx

Disclaimer: I paid for my treatment myself and my views are my own. I went to Penny Lane Beauty in Nottingham. For more information - click here

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