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Food: How To Celebrate VE Day At Home During Lockdown

We’re currently living through unprecedented times. There is something, however, approaching in our calendars which is certainly a day to commemorate and celebrate, as May 8 marks the 75th anniversary of Victory in Europe Day.  Sadly this year's plans to support street parties across England have been delayed as a result of the Coronavirus outbreak. Large scale celebrations and events won’t now be taking place, however people in Nottingham are instead being encouraged to celebrate at home thanks to a local Facebook Group. "I hope that this event will inspire some community spirit and celebrations' says Mapperley resident and organiser Sally Timpson, who is also encouraging folk to decorate their house red, white and blue and enjoy a picnic in their front garden. Here's how you can celebrate at home and some ideas to serve up to feed the family. 11am - 2 minutes silence your doorstep 3pm -    ‘Nation’s Toast’  a special recording of a VE Day speech by ‘Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill’ will be shown on the BBC.  A chance to raise a glass. Opt for a 1940's Gin Cocktail - Gin, bitter lemon and a dash of lime juice over ice, served with a lemon wedge Grab your picnic blankets or tables and head to your front garden for 4pm - Afternoon Tea.  A selection of traditional sandwiches, sausage rolls and of course cake.  You could whip up a Carrot Cake or maybe serve with scones, cream and jam. 6pm - Dinner  - Go for something in keeping with the era, for example Corned Beef Hash and Eggless Sponge Pudding.  Raise a glass to your neighbours with a pitcher of Pimms and lemonade with fresh mint leaves, chopped strawberries, sliced orange, chopped cucumber and plenty of ice. 9pm - Nationwide sing-a-long to 'We'll Meet again' with Royal British Legion after the Queen's address. Cheers!

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