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Food Review: Son of Steak - Nottingham

As the old adage goes, if you're going to do something, do it well....especially if it's in the name of your restaurant. I'm going to cut to the chase, Son of Steak doesn't disappoint.

You could say they've stripped back the idea of a steak dish, there's nothing fancy, you won't find yourself moping your meat in a jus, at Son of Steak simplicity is the key. Choose your dish, order at the bar, grab your sauce and cutlery, take a seat and wait for your food.

Located on Trinity Square in Nottingham, the restaurant is the love child of the 'All you can eat salad bar' otherwise known as Harvester. The same group, Mitchell and Butlers, own Son of Steak which has now occupied the premises for just over a year and is the first and so far only one of its kind.

The space was completely transformed into a look I'd describe as industrial neon meets Texan stockyard. A blend of exposed brickwork, corrugated metal ceiling, rustic wood paneling and furniture, booths and high tables and low warm lighting. The attention to detail is staggering; from quirky cupboard handles to little distressed wooden looking baby seats. If a cowboy rocked up and tied his horse up outside it wouldn't look a miss. Outside, however, is just Eddie the bull-cow and some rather attractive patio heaters I'd love in my garden.

We sit in the open plan restaurant beneath a neon cow. Made from bicycle parts, 2 quirky steer heads are mounted on the wall. I immediately want to take these home but refrain. Internet searches have as yet been unfruitful in finding their origins.

You can order nibbles for whilst you wait: olives, halloumi and of course flat iron. So what is flat iron you might be asking? Well, it's Son of Steaks showpiece and most popular steak, regularly selling out. Having tried it I can taste why.

Expertly cut from the sweet spot in the chuck, between the shoulder and neck, it is the tenderest part of the animal. It is initially slow cooked, then perfectly char-grilled to remain pink inside. It is sealed on a flat top grill with oil, flash-fried and put into a Josper oven to finish. Each steak is cooked down to the minute - medium rare. Always served sliced and pink, seared for juiciness and served on a platter, finished with a pinch of Maldon salt.  A theatre kitchen allows you to observe if that's your thing.

My issue with some steaks I've tried in the past is chewiness. There's nothing worse that sitting in a restaurant trying to chew your way through a bit of tough steak, hoping you wont have to take it out your mouth. My Mum was once on the receiving end of the Heinrich manoeuvre in Weatherspoons, I kid you not. The flat iron doesn't have that problem, served as either an 8oz steak at £7.40 or a 16oz at £14.80, it has a unique tenderness, juicy and full of flavour. My companion said there was a little too much salt on some pieces but I think its really down to personal taste, I thought it was fine.

We also differ on chip preferences. I'm a thick cut with vinegar gal, he's a salty fry kind of guy.

To be honest I was surprised when the chips (a side order) were more of a fry type but they are Rooster chips, all freshly chipped by staff on the day and cooked with the skins on and salted.

Fancy a change from the steak?  Try the chicken marinated in their secret recipe Bumbu Bali spice and roasted through the charcoal jasper oven. Lovely soft moist chicken finished with your choice of spice from the Bumbu heat-o- meter. We loved it. There is also a selection of burgers and the health conscious could opt for the super- food salad for which you can pick your topping including halloumi and of course flat iron.

There are two side menus, standard or gourmet. I mentioned the chips, they are on he standard menu along side the tasty flat mushrooms we choose, cooked in garlic butter and also the crispy onion loaf, which was lovely, but to be honest more like a small bahji than a loaf.  

The gourmet selection offers crushed sweet potato, mac 'n' cheese, halloumi, Caesar salad, creamy spinach, spiced rice quinoa and the roast veg which we opted for. I had imagined chunky traditional veg but this was more like a Mediterranean veg option with red pepper, onion and courgette. The side dishes aren't huge but at £3.25 for two standard options or £4.75 for two gourmet dishes, they're not badly priced either. 

In a hurry? There's a menu just for you. The 'speedy menu' includes steak burger, flat iron and veggie burger for those wanting fast food. Have a little more time then check out the puddings.

The new menu is by no means big but offers the classics done well; New York Cheesecake, chocolate Brownie. Not only that but you can practice your Mr Whippy skills with bottomless serve yourself vanilla ice cream.

We were looked after well by manager Richard Jeffrey and his team who make Son of Steak a welcome addition to the Notts dining scene and a meat lovers paradise.  A few more steak houses and barbecue joints have popped up over the last few years to rival the longstanding Soulville Steakhouse, but Son of Steak has definitely achieved what it set out  = to bring to the city affordable high quality fast food.

Love T xx

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*Disclaimer - Our food was complimentary but my views are my own.

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