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Home: Bringing Natural Elements into Your Interiors

The ability to bring a feeling of nature into your home has been something that many homeowners have tired to achieve.

For generations, there have been hoards of people that love the natural and organic look and appeal of some elements that can help people to feel calm, at peace and, most importantly in a welcoming home.

In recent years, though, there has been much more awareness of the reduction of the Earth’s resources and it has made us all the more aware that when we bring nature into our home, it has to be something that is essential, as it can’t easily be replaced. So if you have been trying to think of some ways to bring the outdoors to the inside of your home, then here are some ideas to help.

Choose natural elements that calm 

One of the reasons that so many people love nature and the peace that is brings, is because of the connection to being outdoors and in a natural environment. So things like wood, cotton, seagrass, and leather, can all bring calm into our homes. Choose the materials that you want to use that resonate with your personal style, but also choose the ones that you like the most.

One person might have bare brick walls in a kitchen, for example, whereas others might prefer something more subtle like rattan headboards in the bedrooms. So look for natural elements that help to incorporate your style, but that also connect you with your interiors. My home was built in the 40's and wood have had fireplaces in many of the rooms. Like many homes over time, as fashions change, previous owners have sadly removed them. In my kitchen diner I have put logs in the recess were a fireplace would have once been. Some were from Ebay and some were from a tree in my garden which was cut back.

In my bedroom I bought a reclaimed fire place from Ebay and had it put in place where an original fire place would have been. It's not working but aesthetically it looks great. I don't need heat from it with modern central heating, so instead have put some fairy lights in it to give a warm glow when I want it.

Natural wood showing craftsmanship

Having wooden furniture is a popular choice, and it is easy to see why. Wooden furniture is very durable, and can look good, it can also be finished in a variety of different ways. So why not look for some artisan crafted furniture, as they can give your home quite a rustic and country feel? Some antique looking wood around the home could bring back lots of nostalgia, as well as style too. If you prefer a look that is a little more modern, then look for wood that is free from ornamentation as it can really showcase something special. More and more businesses are up cycling now too, which basically means salvaging and restoring old furniture, giving a new life and often a modern twist.


Because more and more of us are becoming more conscious about where things are sourced, there has been a lot of renewed interest in people finding products that have been recycled or have already been used in a number of ways. Reclaimed wood, for example, can give a home a new look, as they could be used for rustic beams, floorboards, or furniture. So look for things that are locally sourced, as well as things that have been produced in a sustainable way.


If you have had artificial flowers in your home before, and then they have just sat there gathering dust, then maybe it is time to rethink. Finding a way to bring nature in the home, such as flowers, succulents, and houseplants, can easily bring some appeal into the home and many plants are shown to have health benefits in terms of purifying the air for example. If you do choose artificial, then make sure they are looked after and regularly dusted or washed regularly. One hack with artificial flowers is to soak some cotton wool in something scented and tuck it among the display.

Do you have any tips of your own?

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