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Home: How To Save Money When Moving Home

For most people, a house is the most important, most expensive purchase you will ever make. 

You can make some smart decisions when it comes to moving, though. Spending that much money on something can feel overwhelming, but the moving part doesn't have to be sickeningly expensive. 

You can move house without it costing you a bomb in removal fees - it’s just that most people prefer to take the stress from the situation and use the removers! Don’t panic, though. With all of this in mind, let’s take a look at a few ways that you can save some cash while you move your life around a little!

Compare Quotes

You may not be using movers, but you may have thought about van hire. Having your own van to bring everything with you is going to really make a difference when you move as you control how many times you go back and forth to pick things up and move them. You can also decide how much you want to pay for one by comparing quotes beforehand.

Plan Your Time

This is perhaps the most important one: you need to give your move your time. Don't get to a week before the move and panic pack everything in the house. You need to have time to systematically pack everything, moving seamlessly from room to room as you go. Start with making a list of all the jobs associated with moving, and make sure that you tick things as you go so that you’re not duplicating your list.

Start Selling

Part of the process of moving is going to be you selling your unwanted belongings and ensuring that you have saved the cash for the new house. This will help you to cull the things that you don't want anymore, and it’ll make sure that you are bringing only what you need to the new house. The money could even go toward new furniture!

Get Friends Involved

You don't need to hire professional movers if you have friends and family with a decent set of hands! Get the heavy lifting done by friends and pay them in pizza and beer (or juice), and you’ll save a ton of cash.

Choose the Right Time

If you pick the right time of year, you’ll get your van and everything that you need for much cheaper. Even moving has a good and bad season. For example, moving in the summer months is so much more popular than moving in the winter!

Choose Storage

Storing your belongings doesn't have to be massively expensive. You can get things stored for a lot cheaper if you shop around for quotes for your things. Self-storage is often cheaper, but you can do it for free with family and friends who have generous garage space. The idea is to shop around for the right space and don't just settle on what you think you should pay for.

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