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Home: The Best Advice About Air Conditioning In A New Home

Congratulations! You got that dream home you've been manifesting, filled it with all of the latest tech and gadgets that you'll ever need, you have everything! But... it's summer and you're not at all savvy with the air conditioning units.

Where can you learn more, and how will you know if the unit installed in your perfect home is adequate or when you may need to seek an Emergency AC Repair?

Air Conditioning Do's and Don’ts

Just installing air conditioning isn't enough. You also need to ensure that it is well maintained and serviced regularly. Taking the time to ensure your air conditioning is safe could save you and your family’s lives.

Here are a few simple do's and don’ts that you should consider:

  • Don’t make your air conditioning unit work harder than it needs to.

  • Do change the filters every three months.

  • Do have your system serviced by a professional and get this type of maintenance carried out every two years.

  • Don’t power your air conditioning unit with an extension cord if the voltage drops and causes the company to short out.

  • Don’t overcrowd the vents on the unit and ensure a natural flow of air. Keep plants, books, toys, clothes, etc., away from vents.

  • Don’t mount window air conditioning units with wood or bricks, and ensure that the unit is stable.

Alternates To Air Conditioning Units

If you are looking for a greener approach and decide against installing an air conditioning unit, you may consider taking a look at a few of the following ideas that will keep your house cool at a fraction of the price...

How To Keep Your House Cool

If you are trying to keep your house cool during a blazing summer without the luxury of an air conditioning unit, you could look at keeping excess heat out of your home by using your windows.

You could keep curtains closed to block out the heat and cool your rooms down in a natural way. You could also apply a reflective film to your windows or use solar screens, which filter out heat and light. Solar screens usually cost around $25.00 per window.

How To Keep Yourself Cool

An obvious solution to keep yourself cool, is to wear less clothing or lighter clothing to be more comfortable in the summer months.

Take a cold shower or apply cold flannels or cloth to yourself to help you cool down.

Fill a dish with cold water and place it somewhere in the room to act as a natural dehumidifier.

Use A Fan

Fans work by blowing away the hot air and dispersing any unwanted heat, they also help cool your body down in a natural way without wasting too much energy.

Whatever you decide, stay cool and find a method that works for you.

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