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Home: Three Things To Do To Improve Your Home And Improve Your Health

When you're juggling a busy life, your home can often get neglected.

You probably sometimes feel like it's simply somewhere you lay your head and keep your stuff. But, its easy to forget that, the way your home looks and feels can have a dramatic effect upon your mood. Perhaps, the truth is that you keep yourself busy to avoid being at home! Maybe you feel it has all got out of hand and you are burying your head in the sand. Whatever it is, every home needs a little tender loving care. If you can spare a little time to spruce up your home, your home will repay the favour, giving it back to you in kind. 


Freeing up space is good for the soul. It means it's easier to move about, and you will find this so much less oppressive. First, get rid of the apparent rubbish, like broken things, and out of date items that have no purpose anymore. If you have a lot of stuff and don’t want to get rid of it just yet, or possibly you will want to sell it at some stage but no longer want it in the home, why not get a self storage unit. This can solve a lot of issues. It gives you the room you need plus time to decide what to do with that old furniture.  The upcycling trend is due to continuing growing in popularity this year, so consider storing it until you have time to start a project.

Organise everything 

You need to go around the house and clean everything first. Get rid of those cobwebs you’ve been staring at for the past few years. Dust everything, clean the windows and vacuum - you'll already feel better. Also, get the stain remover out and go to town in those old food marks. The way a lovely clean carpet can feel on your feet is second to none. Once everything is free from dust and debris, move about the existing furniture. Simply having a go at reorganising can make the house feel like somewhere new, and possibly far more relaxing. You will also be able to find things more easily, and a clean, organised house will be more conducive to a restful sleep. Therefore, it will help your mental and physical health. So, get that feather duster out now!

Add plants and flowers

A great way to revamp a living space is to add more life. Potted plants and flowers are perfect. Not only are they bright and cheerful, but they also improve your mental and physical health. This is especially true if you have a garden and fill that with flowers too. Plants promote the need inside you to nurture them. You have to keep them alive, so you have a positive boost that way. Plants improve the air quality inside the home as they suck in the carbon dioxide and breathe out clean oxygen. Also, plants in the house can have the benefit of reducing stress levels. They are like nature stress relievers, just for being there. All you generally have to do is give them water. Ask yourself, why wouldn't you get some house plants if there at that many benefits?


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