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How To Create A Goddess Ritual Bath At Home

Release your Inner Goddess with the most magical of bath time rituals.

You’ll likely read on the internet many instructions as to how to create a Goddess Ritual Bath. Whilst there are elements I would recommend, I think ultimately it is down to personal preference and whatever makes you feel good.

Keep it fun, but beneficial. Start simple

What Is A Goddess Ritual Bath?

A Goddess Ritual Bath is a special bath infused with flower petals, essential oils, epsom salts and himalayan salt. You can add other things, such as herbs. The idea is to cleanse your aura, fully relax and connect with your Divine Feminine and Goddess Energy. Do some research into the uses of different flowers, herbs and oils. A good basic one to start with is rose petals, lavender oil, epsom salts and pink himalayan salt.

Goddess Baths are for both the body and the soul. I love a good old soak in the bath anyway. It’s a great way to relax and soothe the muscles, but I’m terrible for taking my phone in with me and scrolling as I soak. A Goddess Bath asks you to switch off completely. This is about mindset.

You can have a Goddess bath any time, though some like to have them for special occasions, full/new moons for example. They are perfect though for a little you time, to remember who you are and that you are deserving.

Of course they take a little more time and effort, but they are so worth it.


Step 1. Make sure you have put aside some time. You don’t want to be rushing. Ensure your bath is clean. Trust me, it probably will need wiping out again later, but for now, just make sure you are stepping into a nice clean bath.

Gather everything you will be using for your bath. Light some candles (obviously in a safe area around your bath - away from the fluffy towels you’ll need later). I would usually try to use soy fragrance free ones, but perhaps also burn some incense. Try saying an affirmation as you light each one. You may wish to have some crystals around you too. Set them up however please you. I always have music on, and I would recommend some 528 hz music (You’ll find this on Spotify or YouTube for example) You may also want to cleanse the room with some Sage or Palo Santo. Take a drink with you. Water or herbal tea is cleansing, but it’s your bath. If you want wine, do it.

Step 2: Begin to run your bath water. You can now add any flowers, salt and oil.

Step 3: Test the temperature of your water to make sure its comfortable and then carefully step into your Goddess Bath

Taking Your Goddess Bath

Slowly immerse your body in the water. Try and fully relax. Clear your mind, meditate if you can. Your bath really can look beautiful, so take a moment to take that in too. Be in the now. Remember you are unique, and you are loved by the universe. You are a Goddess and you deserve to feel and be treated as such!

Once you’ve finished, carefully (In case of slippery oils or petals) step out of your bath onto a rug or towel. Wrap yourself in a snuggly towel or dressing gown and make sure you take it easy for a while. If you have managed to completely switch off you may be a little lightheaded.

Tip: Do not empty the bath straight away. Leave the water and then come back to it later with a strainer to remove the petals. This avoids both a blocked drain and minimises dirt or staining from the petals.

I recommend taking a Goddess Ritual Bath whenever your soul feels called too.

Love Tx


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