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Managing Pain Without Prescription Meds

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

If you have been dealing with pain, including chronic pain, then being able to manage it effectively can be essential for living a life you love. However, a lot of people have reasonable concerns about over-reliance on prescription medication. While you should always keep your doctor in the loop as to how you are managing pain, here are a few tips on how you can do it without needing to hit the pharmacist.

Make sure you find ways to move

Whilst being active might be the last thing you feel like doing, too much rest will make chronic pain worse, especially if it’s related to musculoskeletal pain. A sedentary lifestyle needs to be avoided, and exercising can help by releasing endorphins that act as a natural pain-killer. If you’re finding it tough to move quickly, look at some of the low-mobility or low-impact exercises that can still make sure you’re able to get moving.

Relaxation can be key

Stress and pain have a relationship that works like a cycle. When we’re in pain, we feel more stressed, but stress also makes our body more sensitive to pain thanks to the release of cortisol, the stress hormone. Taking steps such as using meditation or relaxation sessions to fight stress can help, but you should also consider treatments that can help tackle the problem from both ends, such as making an appointment with a massage therapist.

Take the fight to inflammation

Inflammation is often the problem that is at the core of any pain that’s related to your back and your joints. Inflammation can also make existing pain much worse, and there are a variety of natural solutions that can take to fight it, including getting more fatty fish and olive oil in your diet. However, options like a CBD vape can also help, in many cases acting more quickly than getting omega oils in your diet. Many people, including those who experience inflammation after the gym, recommend CBD products, be that a vape, oil, or even edibles like these Blessed CBD fruchtgummis for their ability to reduce the body’s inflammatory response.

Good sleep is vital

If pain and stress are cyclical, then sleep deprivation is often a part of that cycle, as it contributes to the cortisol production that makes you stressed and more sensitive. Getting a good night’s sleep, such as by using weighted blankets, changing your mattress to one specifically designed ot fight pain, or using white noise machines to help you drift off can relax the body and help balance your hormones better.

Keep a pain diary

You might not like the idea of spending so much time thinking about pain, but keeping a pain diary, keeping track of what might trigger pain, how it feels and what you have done to alleviate it can help you get a better idea of what is genuinely helping, and what merely feels like an aid.

Remember, anything that you use or do to combat pain should be carried out with the approval of your doctor. Pain management can be tricky, you want to make sure you’re not masking a more serious problem. It is vital you get a correct diagnosis before you consider pain management.

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