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How to Plan the Perfect Autumn European Road Trip

Going on a road trip can be one of the best experiences of your life. It has the ability to make you feel free, as well as showing you another side to life, something far removed from the hustle and bustle of the daily grind.

Getting into the car, the wind in your hair, mile and mile of open road ahead of you. You will make some amazing discoveries, some about the world around us, others about our self and your own purpose. Having time to sit and stare up at the stars and to contemplate is such a worthwhile thing to do. So, if you have a road trip in Europe planned, here are some important things to remember:


Depending on which of the 44 countries in Europe you may be traveling through, you may need to organise a Visa. Without getting these legal documents sorted, you may end up in a mess. Here are some guidelines for etias visas for you to look over. It may be worth your while figuring out which countries you will visit. Remember, not all European countries are in the EU, so different rules apply. Do your research, and you will be fine.

Emergency Services Number

You must remember to stay vigilant at all times. However, if you do need to use the emergency services in Europe, the number 112 is what you need to remember. This should cover you for the majority of Europe. Your safety should be your number one concern, so ensure you have this number memorised or saved in your phone in case you need to use it.

Road Law

It is best you do a little investigation into road law across Europe as not all laws are the same. One clear example would be the drink-drive limit. This does differ from country to country, so either be very aware of the law or, better still, don’t drink at all when you plan to drive. There are also other differing laws you need to obey, such as the need for a high-vis jacket in your car. Check the law in the countries you are going to and be prepared.


Why not download Google Maps onto your phone so you can access it when you are offline. It is also a good idea to buy a road atlas map book just in case you are stuck with no battery.


There are so many apps available these days, and a lot of them have been created with road trips in mind. So to have a very appy time, work out which apps are the best for your needs. Perhaps one which takes you on the most scenic routes, or maybe one that tells you where the nearest services or petrol station is. Remember an app for music, too, as no road trip worth its salt is music-free. All it takes is a bit of investigation, and every app you download can be used when you need it most.


Finally, it goes without saying, that at present you should check which countries it is safe to travel to and check the requirements.



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