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Travel: Your Car And Your Health - What You Should Know

Driving can be one of the most exciting and liberating experiences, but if you’re constantly driving or making long journeys in the car, there are a few things you should know about your health. Staying healthy and safe while you drive is so important, so read on for what you should know:

Keep Your Car Clean

A clean car is a healthy car - especially the inside. If you don’t regularly clean your car inside you could be breathing in plenty of dust and toxins that are bad for your health. Having a nice car like the Jaguar F-Pace would encourage you to keep it clean, but just in case, make sure you create a schedule you can stick to. 

Exercise For A Minimum of 15 Minutes Per Day

Most people probably scroll facebook or their emails for longer than 15 minutes, so allocating 15 minutes a day to exercise shouldn’t be a problem. No matter what your day holds, make sure you do some exercise. If you have more time you can do something less intense, such as yoga or a walk. However, if you only have a short window, try to get your heart rate up with something like HITT! 

Keep Healthy Snacks Handy

If you’re going on a long trip, having a few healthy snacks and some water in the car will do you good. You may not always be able to find somewhere to stop and grab a snack and service station options can be not only expensive but also unhealthy, so think ahead. If you’re going on a particularly long journey, it might be worth preparing your lunch and other meals and putting it in tupperware so you can avoid fast food establishments and unhealthy meals. Dehydration can cause a lapse in concentration, so make sure you drink plenty of water even if it means stopping for the toilet more often! 

Keep Good Posture

If you struggle with your posture in the car, there are certain accessories you can use that could help you to sit up straight and keep your back and spine healthy. Many of us are guilty of slouching or not sitting properly in the car from time to time, but for the most part, you should focus on having good posture. 

Take Some Time For Yourself 

A long car journey is the ideal time to take some time for yourself. Why not listen to that audiobook or podcast that you’ve been meaning to listen to? If you do quite a few long journeys every week, you could get through a mountain of audio books and learn a lot of interesting things! 

Set Off With Plenty of Time

If you always leave in a hurry, then you’re indirectly putting yourself in danger when you get in the car. Having to drive quickly could mean a lapse in concentration as you try to get to where you're going, or taking unnecessary risks, and it’ll definitely mean stress over being late! 

Take A Break

Planning for a break or two will help you to stay clear headed and comfortable. Get out and stretch your legs and take in some fresh air before setting off again. If you’re tired, make sure you stop somewhere safely for a rest, whether you do this in your car or in a room. 

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