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Is It Possible To 'Add More Character' To A Home, Or Must It Develop Naturally?

It’s interesting to see how various influences and tastes align to make a property different to how it may have once been.

Houses tend to be seen as static entities, but over the course of its lifetime, many different people and families may live within its walls. We can sometimes see the legacy of past decisions made by previous owners - for instance, if the chimney or fireplace has been blocked up for convenience, or if an attic space has been converted into a bedroom.

When we own our own property, it’s a good idea to focus on what changes we might like to make in line with that. There's a lot to consider, do we try and remain sympathetic to the era of it's build for example or rip it out and go ultra modern, because making changes for changes sake can feel a little fake or pointless. So what if we want to add some character to our property ourselves? Is this possible, or must this be a natural offshoot of the slow-burning changes and adjustments that come naturally?

Well, both are possible. Let’s consider some worthwhile suggestions for that:

Fixtures and Fittings

A few eye catching focal points can make a major difference to your home. For some, that might mean a luxurious fitting like an Aga oil-burning oven which may also provide the necessary central heating requirements to your home.

For others, it might mean wood burning stoves that add a sense of real comfort and pride to a living or kitchen space. With fixtures like this that actually showcase a dedication to design and functionality, your space becomes refined anew. Furthermore, fittings like this can also be both modern and rustic at the same time.

Stripping Additions Back

Sometimes, allowing the identity of the property to come out can make a big difference. Stripping additions back is the start of that. This might mean removing the textured wallpaper hung which is dated, exposing the brickwork or using brick slips to provide a worthwhile alternative, and sanding down, repainting and varnishing certain wooden furnishings can make a lovely difference too. In some cases, simply removing previous infrastructure from the garden can help you begin landscaping on your own. Often, less is more.

Local Unique Features

What is it that makes your local environment unique, and can you express that through the use of your home? Some areas may be known for a particular type of material, like limestone or sandstone - the latter of which could potentially design a wonderful garden wall that helps you remain in keeping with the local area. In some seaside towns, homes are painted a variety of colours to add a beautiful aesthetic and to resist the fading of the continual salty sea air. You don’t have to keep up with tradition of course, but it can be nice to represent the environment your home finds itself in as a measure of developing character.

With this advice, I hope you can easily add more character to your home.

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