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Lifestyle: Curiosity and Connection - How they can improve your life

We could all do with being more curious.

As a kid we’re curious, we question all the time. This is the way we should continue through life - self driven curiosity. The older we get, the more we become conditioned by society and lose our curiosity and interest without even realising.

We become closed off, have a fixed mindset, make assumptions, and become more fearful about things that might happen. We lose our wonder and become influenced by the media, other people and systems for example. It can be positive, but it can be challenging and take away from us - but we can get it back.

Commit to being and remaining curious. Be open, don’t think in black and white, be playful.

If you want to learn more, you have to commit to harnessing your curiosity about people and things. Want to know more about someone? Learn what people's ambitions and dreams are. People can change and they do. Believe in their desires to shift and change.

Closed off thinking is making assumptions and stereotypes. Learn to question those assumptions in other people and yourself.

This kind of thinking within yourself stops us from doing things. You’ve already closed yourself off to it before you’ve tried. Curiosity leads to deeper connection with yourself and others.

Think about the quality of the questions you ask yourself and others

You might say: “How are you?” - but do you really mean it, or if you are asked, do you answer properly. Do you actually take on board the other person's answer? Do we actually listen? Next time you ask someone, ask how they are with intent.

Unhelpful questions are closed questions that let the other person give a yes or no answer. The tone of your voice in which you ask a question can also close people down.

Examples of good questions are ‘Are you happy?’ ‘What brings you joy? If you believed in yourself what would you do?”, “How can I help you bring this idea to life?”, “How can you make this happen?” “What do you need to do to bring this to life?” These in context can be very powerful.

Try this yourself, and commit to remaining curious.

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