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Lifestyle: My Perfect Festive Night In

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

There's no avoiding it, Christmas is well and truly on it's way.

I think I actually enjoy the run up Christmas more than the day itself.  I've been loving the cosy nights since Autumn began.

I can't wait to get home and step into the warmth. My dog usually greets me at the door wanting cuddles before I can do anything else but then I'll change into something casual and after a quick walk, on a lovely crisp Autumn night I love to run a lovely warm bath to unwind. Throw in something like a Lush Bath bomb and soak. There's no such thing as a quick bath where I'm concerned. I'll take off my make up, do a full body exfoliation, then cover myself in a lovely seasonal smelling body cream.

Then it's on with the PJ's and slipper socks (sexy, I know) and relax.  Comfort food is fantastic isn't it and this time of year it's the perfect time to indulge.  Chocolate is my go-to snack but you can't beat coming home to a pot of warm stew simmering away on the hob and an apple crumble in the oven, filling the house with that wonderful baked apple and cinnamon aroma. Don't forget the thick custard! Oh and the wine.  It has to be Shiraz for me.

I make sure my sofa has plenty of soft cushions and a nice thick, cosy throw to snuggle under.

Candles are essential.  I don't have a fireplace in the lounge but  If I'm wanting to be really cosy, you can't beat a string of twinkling fairy lights too.

Whether it's catching up on a box set or watching a film, there's nothing like snuggling up on the sofa in front of my TV or lap top.  At this time of year we've got all the Christmas specials to look forward to; Bake Off, you'll probably find me curled up in front of those, and I'm obsessed with Christmas movies and channels,  What girl doesn't love a fairy tale?

With the cost of Christmas coming up I've been looking at how to save money and still be able to watch my favourite films and stream my favourite Christmas music in readiness for the big day itself. Using online comparison sites is a good place to start.

Most people in the UK are paying far too much for their broadband, Getting the best deal can save you money, however its important to remember, that there's more to choosing the cheapest broadband deal than just opting for the lowest price.

A lot of people  worry that a cheap broadband deal must mean slower speeds or some sort of data allowance or limit. Although, this can be true in some cases. And, the less data and speed you are using or need can in those cases save you some money.

More commonly, though, what is considered cheap will depend on the deals and offers currently available, your choice of provider and the equipment they supply you with, with so much to consider a lot of people put off switching providers, but it can be easier than you think.

Firstly you need to consider how much data you need, if you're like me then you'll be wanting to stream Netflix and IPlayer, In which case you're going to need an unlimited deal. If you only use the internet to surf, shop and use social media however then you could save some money on a limited package. Limited packages cost less, but cap the amount of data you can use. 

Before agreeing to any deal, always remember to check the contract and fine print for hidden costs and tie ins. Deals change frequently, so if you see one you like, snap it up, alternatively wait a few weeks and check again. If you're also interested in a subscription TV service from the likes of Sky or Virgin Media, consider getting broadband and TV as a Bundle.  Bundles are almost always cheaper than the two services would be separately

Now that's sorted I can relax in front of my favourite films. I've put together a list below with the challenge to watch one per day, to take you right up to the big day. 

The Man who invented Christmas

The Grinch who stole Christmas

The Holiday

Home Alone

Love Actually


Bad Santa

Arthur Christmas

The Snowman

Its a Wonderful Life



Jingle All the Way

Deck the Halls

The Santa Claus

White Christmas

Miracle on 34th Street

Santa Claus the Movie

The Christmas Chronicles

 National Lampoons Christmas Vacation

Muppets Christmas Carol

Polar Express

Finally, one of my other favourite things about the colder nights has to be a steaming hot chocolate.  A large mug or tall glass is perfect.  Leave a little room at the top for squirty cream, and marshmallows and perhaps a sprinkling of chocolate.

What would be your perfect night in and which are your favourite Christmas movies?

Love Tx



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