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Music: I chatted with All Saints ahead of their UK tour

Updated: Nov 26, 2018

From one girl to another, well four of you, you all look amazing. I've been looking at the press releases, I've been looking at the videos and I can't believe it's 21 years since your first hit, so what is your secret?

AS - If you saw us in real life, it would be quite a different story I think. Good lighting is very helpful.

I'm going to admit, I was quite nervous about this interview, because in the 90's, in my head, I was in All Saints.  I had the combat trousers, I had the long leather Mac, I mean, I WAS Natalie, to be honest.   Your style has obviously grown with you, in the publicity photos you all look quite tailored and sophisticated.  Do you think that reflects how you changed as people as well?

AS - Personally I don't look at myself and call myself sophisticated.  If you could see what I was wearing right now I don't think you could say that.

I think we're quite conscious, not that it really matters, but of respecting our age that we are now. You know, we dont want to look like mutton dressed as lamb, thats just me, but its not really something we actually think about for too long, we know what we like and we know what we look good in, so that's what we go for. I think it's about being comfortable, and if you feel comfortable you have confidence.

We've talked about your style changing. How do you think the music of All Saints has changed?

AS - It's kind of the same thing, you know, being wiser and older, it changes the way you think; emotionally,  creatively and things like that, it's hard to explain because it's not like we speak differently or use different words.  We've still got a lot of the same things.  Values are the same, inspiration for music is the same, we just use it in a different way. Maybe we're more confident in who we are now, maybe we're more ourselves so we're more in control of the direction our music takes. 

You've managed to maintained a really cool image, you've remained your own people.  Has that been important to you? You're playing Rock City when you come to Nottingham rather than doing any kind of throwback tours or anything.  Was that always the plan?

AS: Yeah, it was. When we first got back together and we went on tour with the Back Street Boys, that was very much the music that was planned when we got offered that worked out a greatest hits tour but since then, you know, we are a working band and even though we love to do all the old tracks and see the fans singing along with them, it's always an amazing experience but at the same time we don't just want to rely on nostalgia either, we want to give a little bit more than just the old songs.

Going back then, were there any opportunities you were offered in the 90's that you regret not taking?

AS: No, erm, we were gonna do a tour of Saints & Sinners and I regret that we never got to tour that album when it was released. 

So, if you could give advice to your 20-something selfs, is there anything that you would do differently, or what would you say to somebody starting out in their career now? 

AS: I don't really regret anything. When I think back to my twenties, I was being a 20 year old and having the best time of my life. You have issues as you get older that makes you wiser, so I think you need to be true to yourself and if you mess up you mess up. We all make mistakes and we learn along the way, We were young, I don't regret anything, that's what every normal 20 year old was doing back. I think just believe in what you do, that's the only advice we could give. 

The only advice I could give to somebody is simply don't be scared to take a break. See the world. I don't mean specifically the band but with other people as well. Take stock once in a while, take a breather.

Are your children aware of how big you are?

AS: In what context? In weight? In the house? It’s not like it was back then. When we started there was music channels there were limited shows, so people would watch those shows. There was no social media, there was nothing, they don’t have that, they wouldnt know. We're just their Mum.

How do they feel about Mum performing now? Do they come along and support you?

AS: They love it. They love coming along to the shows, you know, they do get emotional, they know all the words. They buzz off of it.

Talking about the new music then, Shazney was known as the main songwriter, is that still the case or are you all contributing? 

AS: It's very much the case, yes. We make her do all the hard work.

We were just talking about nostalgia. What can the audience expect to hear?

AS: All the old hits, all your favourites then new stuff from Testament. Then maybe a couple from Red Flag. We havent sorted out the set list yet.

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