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Plan your dream home at the Homebuilding and Renovation Show


I have a dream of what my house could look like.

In the absence of Nick Knowles nipping in and transforming it whilst I've popped to the shops, I'm still in the planning and saving up stage...and when I say planning I my head. That didn't stop me accepting an invitation to the Homebuilding and Renovation Show, I mean, Interior Design bloggers don't own or do everything they show on their blogs.

Billed as the biggest Homebuilding and Renovating event in the UK, I went along to the NEC Show earlier in the year.

 The event is aimed at self builders and renovators. No matter what stage your project is at, there are sessions, experts, seminars, Masterclasses, demonstrations and exhibitors to help you bring your dream project to life, whether you need help with the build, planning permission or design inspiration.

You will find a comprehensive range of ideas, 1000's of products and technical experts and everything from plumbing and heating, conservatories, doors and windows, insulation, roofing, bathrooms, flooring, furniture, gardens, home technology, paint, kitchens, staircases to contractors and tradespeople, giving you the confidence to plan, build or design your project, potentially saving you money too.


The show has a really useful app. It allows you to plan your day adding experts and exhibitors to your schedule as well as picking as many shows as you have time for from the theatres which include the home improvement theatre and self build theatre. An alert pops up on your phone on the day to remind you where you need to be should you lose track of time amongst the 1000's of products on display. I was able to catch a few of the shows which provided inspiration and valuable advice.


With so much to choose from I can't list everything at the show, but  I will tell you a little bit about my day.

On entering, one of the first stands I came to was Easy Build Solutions. What drew me to them was their poster which said 'No planning permission required up to a certain size'. I'd love a single floor extension, but other than cost, one of the things which bothered me would be my neighbour objecting. Thanks to their helpful advice, I now know that I could extend to the length of the conservatory which is already there. They claim to be 30% cheaper than traditional build, better insulated and more eco-friendly with a single storey build being completed in 2 weeks with no skips on the drive and minimum mess and disruption.  How is this done? Engineers ensure that your dream extra space is built off site. Prefabricated extensions are delivered to your plot for final assembly. Definitely something I'll consider when I extend.

For more details visit:

My next mention is weirdly for something that wasn't available. The stand was selling taps and sinks, but I love the marble effect work top they were displaying them with. Something I need to keep a look out for.


The next thing which caught my eye was a wine cellar pod. This cracking looking invention is actually sunken into your floor, so not only is it talking point but it also saves space. If I was able to extend my property this is something I'd seriously consider adding. It is available in different sizes and is also mirrored so it actually looks bigger than it is (and it looks like you have more wine!)

For more details visit:

I can't actually remember who was marketing the next item but it's a great idea to provide warmth to your outdoor area, probably because I need to concentrate on the inside first, but this design with real flame, is definitely something I would consider. 


Finally, with so many stands to visit, I couldn't resist trying a portable massager. I'd had an aching back and this portable device actually worked really well, providing a deeper massage than you'd imagine.  I think the smile on my face says it all.


If you're planning a building project or work to your house, or if you love room makeovers or DIY, then this show is for you, especially if you're looking for new products. It is more for serious builders or those with a project in mind than an interior design fan, don't go expecting to find fluffy cushions and niknaks, but if it's ideas, suppliers and advice you're after then this is the show for you and is a fabulous day out.

There are 8 Homebuilding and Renovation Shows upcoming throughout the country over the next year with the next show taking place 16 - 17 June. For more details visit:

Love T x

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored feature. The organisers were not aware I was reviewing the show and my views are my own.



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