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Disclaimer - Contains Gifted Item

We're almost at the end of Veganuary. Did you take part?

Well done if you did! However if you're running a little low on inspiration, new OGGS bites could help you with those final couple of days ...and for the rest of the year!

OGGS sent me some of their tasty, plant based bites to try which offer all of the flavour without any of the compromise.

Choose from a fudgy moist Chocolate Brownie (58kcals per bites/3 WW points) or crumbly melt-in-the-mouth Millionaire Bites (66kcal per bite/3 WW Points).

The Brownie looks and tastes exactly like any ordinary sheet cake Brownie made using eggs, right down to the firm top. These square treats have a lovely fudgy chocolatey taste, complete with rich dark chocolate chips and the density is just the same as your normal brownie.

The Millionaire Bites have the richness of your normal ones. A crushed biscuit base is topped with a caramel flavoured filling and covered with a chocolate flavour topping.

Both are Vegan friendly and cruelty free and come in planet friendly packaging made of recycled materials and is again recyclable. The trays are also made with a new type of plastic which contains an enzyme that will help it to breakdown in a matter of years as oppose to centuries if it does happen to end up in landfill.

Did you know that a single tree can absorb 1 ton of C02 by the time it reaches 40 years old? Cool right!

That's why OGGS are working towards offsetting their carbon footprint by...

Protecting 30,000 trees each year

Planting 250 new trees every single month

...That's roughly a forest the size of 106 football pitches every year!

See, they're practically guilt free! With nine bites in every pack OGGS claim there are enough to go around! Erm, they might want to rethink that. They are incredibly moreish

You can find your own OGGS bites now in the bakery aisle, next to all the OGGS® cakes in Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, Ocado and TheVeganKind Supermarket. Find your nearest store on the store locator here:

Love Tx

final push...and for the rest of the year!

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