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Disclaimer: Gifted Product*

I believe we should love whatever skin we’re in, but that skin needs a little help along the way.

As we age our skin loses elasticity, it can sag and become thinner, making it look less youthful, along with those tell tale fine lines and wrinkles.

Mine definitely started creeping in when I hit 40, with the so-called ‘Laughter lines’ which are no laughing matter and the dreaded crows feet.

Now whilst I believe in self-love, I also believe there's nothing wrong with cosmetic tweeks if you need them - if you love yourself - why not? But there are things that we can do to help our skin every day. Obviously staying hydrated is important, so make sure you drink plenty of water, but what we put on our skin is hugely important.

That’s why I jumped at the chance to try the SkinKissed Flawless Serum. Serums are a really important part of our daily skincare routine. They can bring a lot of nourishing ingredients to the skin that might not be easily formulated in a moisturiser. The right serum should make a huge difference to your skin’s texture and appearance.

Skinkissed spent months working alongside a fully qualified, independent team of experts; Chartered Chemists, Toxicologists, Microbiologists, and Regulatory experts who specialise in the formulation and testing services within the cosmetic and household goods Industry.

Together they managed to source the most effective and natural ingredients and combined the two most active ingredients to work in harmony with one another and help anyone get clearer and brighter skin.

The combination however isn’t new. The serum's formula is based on ancient beauty ingredients that will nourish, enhance, and leave your skin glowing. The key ingredients are Vitamin C + Hyaluronic Acid.

Vitamin C is well known as a potent anti-oxidant, it can increase collagen production keeping the skin healthy and younger looking, reduce melanin production giving a brighter skin appearance and can even repair the effects of UV-exposure.

Hyaluronic acid on the other hand, is often known as ‘the fountain of youth’ It can help wounds heal faster (it is often added on bandages) and increases collagen production leading to younger looking skin.

The combination arrived in a rather pretty little bottle. Black with pink text, it almost has a scandi feel about it. It definitely stands out, as you don’t see many skincare products in black bottles, this makes it easier to spot when looking for it.

The dropper lid also makes it very easy to use and allows you to just get the amount out you need without wasting any, it is also perfect for a serum of it’s texture.


After cleansing and toning I apply around 3/4 drops to my face, this ensures full coverage of both my face and neck. The serum absorbs nicely into my skin in around a minute of gentle stroking and massaging before I apply my daily moisturiser. It leaves a soft dewey finish to my skin. The texture is thicker than water but lighter than your common oils while not thin enough to run off your hands or face as you apply it.

From the instructions, I notice some people experience a soft tingling sensation. I can honestly say I’ve not felt that, however the makers say that it is not unusual as is to be expected to maintain long-lasting hydration.

I’ve yet to try Skinkissed’s other range of products, though customers claim to experience maximum results, that the serum is much more effective when used in conjunction with their Cleanser and Moisturiser

Skinkissed states that the formula is manufactured in the United Kingdom under strict GMP standards and their products are 100% cruelty-free, which is also great to know and a definite incentive to buy.

The serum is, on the whole, colourless with perhaps a very pale yellow hint. It doesn’t appear scented until you hold it right up to your nose. Then you get a very subtle floral smell, likely coming from the added Rosa Damascena Flower Water

The product feels great on my skin, but it is suitable for many skin types

Here’s what the brand has to say about this serum:

SKINKISSED™ has helped many customers with the following skin problems:

☑️ Hormonal Spots & Inflamed Skin

☑️ Dry Skin, Breakouts & Blackheads

☑️ Reduces Wrinkles & Fine Lines

☑️ Acne Scarring, Pigmentation, Eczema & Blisters.

☑️ Stretch Marks, Scald, Surgical Scars & Hyperplasia scars

SKINKISSED™ Will Strengthen & Repair Sensitive & Mature Skin, Leaving Your Skin Feeling & Looking Flawless Again. Suitable For All Skin Types. The Serum penetrates the skin cortex easily and softens the scar tissue. Promotes natural healing and renewal of your skin, rich in natural antioxidants, Oil-free, and non-comedogenic.


This serum left my skin feeling plumper thicker, more hydrated, moisturised and healthier. This is definitely a serum worth using for 1-2 months in order to evaluate if it works for you.

20ml is currently available on their website for £24.95, but it works out cheaper if you go for more than one or a bundle of their other goodies.

Visit their website here

Love Tx

* The Product was gifted but the views are my own



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