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Health: Would You Know What Is Normal When It Comes To Your Body?...

...And four good ways you can be certain

We're often all so busy with our lives that we can fail to notice, or even turn a blind eye to something that is glaringly obvious, especially when it comes to our health!

However, it is essential to take time out of our hectic lifestyle to really ensure that we get to know our bodies. So when things are not as they should be, we can spot the warning signs that something isn't right.

So would you know what is normal for your body? Let’s explore some of the common things we should be able to notice which can hugely impact our health

Any new lumps or bumps that shouldn’t be there?

The thing is when it comes to our bodies, we never know when things are going to pop up and we can often be presented with things like lumps that we don’t expect. Lumps can appear in places they shouldn’t be, and so if you spot something then you should definitely go and get it checked out. It could be something or nothing. Lumps can appear on our bodies for a variety of reasons including swollen glands or infections. But it is better to be safe than sorry and early detection can definitely save your life.

Your mindset

When it comes to our mental health we can often ignore the warning signs that something isn’t right. It can take time before we really spot a change in our mood, our thoughts and our feelings, so it is understandable that you may grow accustomed to thinking that depression and anxiety for you is normal or just a way of life. But it isn’t and you can get the help you need to overcome it, the tools to handle it when it does come back, and help you to move forward and be happy. There are often things you can do to help yourself, such as trying remedies like vegan edibles cbd or talking therapies that can really help. The first step is recognising and then communicating your feelings and deciding how best to move forward. Some people assume it is medication, but in many cases there are things you can do to feel better within yourself. Admitting there is an issue is the hardest hurdle to overcome.

Gynecology issues

Sometimes we can feel embarrassed when it comes to certain health issues, and also we can find that certain issues with our health can go unnoticed for a long time. When it comes to areas like the gynecology side of things, people can often feel too embarrassed to go to regular appointments such as a cervical screening, but this is when you could be saved from health issues such as irregular cells that lay unnoticed for long periods of time as they have no symptoms. Other ways to notice things aren’t right is if you are struggling to conceive or notice changes to your menstrual cycle.

Going to the toilet more often than you should be?

If you find that you are visiting the bathroom more often than you should be, or having to run to get there, then this could be a sign that something isn’t right. Again we can often be a little embarrassed to talk about these things, but it could be highlighting a potential problem. An overactive bladder could be the cause of needing to go too often, and that is when visiting a specialist clinic could help solve the issue. When it comes to bowel movements, it could be the cause of a number of factors such as your diet, for example, so speaking to the doctor could help you determine the cause.

I hope that this has made you more aware of what can be normal for you and what perhaps isn’t. Remember to always make your health a priority.

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