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Struggling Food Banks Given Boost By Art

In recent weeks you might have seen members of the public recreating famous works of art at home on social media during lockdown.  Inspired by a new campaign from Brave Boutique, I took the idea a step further by recreating the famous Marilyn Monroe subway image, albeit complete with face mask.  Why? To raise awareness of a great cause, the WE WILL WORK FOR FOOD campaign. 

Brave Boutique, is an online boutique and gallery which champions British and British based artists and designers that create mostly one of a kind, limited edition and bespoke pieces with a more unusual twist

Since the start of the pandemic Food Banks have reported a 300% drop in contributions. As the public struggle to shop for food items, the opportunity and incentive to donate to food banks has dropped.   The new campaign has been set up to support those affected and help raise awareness not only for food banks but also for struggling artists. 'Funds raised will go towards not only supporting Food Bank but UK Artists and our retreat that have all been left out on a limb at the moment' says Scott Hendrie, Director of Brave Boutique

You can choose your reward with your pledge to the campaign, with items ranging from a signed A4 print, LED candles, a sculpture or you could chose to be entered into a competition to win a signed print by Gary Hogben or a midweek break.

Brave Boutique, who have in the past been featured in publications including Red, Grazia, The Times, The Telegraph the independent, and many more,  can then use the power of creativity to make a massive difference, with profits on sales going to local food banks.

Why not have fun during lockdown and try creating your own famous image with a mask, and take a look at the professional recreations like those featured by visiting their website

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