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The 5 Areas to Focus on if You Want an Energy-Efficient Home

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It's on everybody's lips these days - The cost of living. When we're trying to save money, one of the best solutions is to look at how much money our home is costing us. Energy efficiency means you are paying less towards your energy bills, but there are a number of key areas that you should focus on if you want an energy-efficient home, including the following:

Fitting New Windows

You might already have double glazing but if your windows are causing drafts you need to ensure that those windows are sealed properly. Over time, moisture can creep into the windows via the seal, which can cause mould. And if your windows look foggy in between the panes, this is a sign that they have blown. You can replace the panes and install them yourself pretty easily, but it is a job that may be best left to the professionals.

Insulating the Loft

If you have not insulated your loft, this is vital to saving a lot of money. Hot air rises, so if your loft is not insulated, the warm air will escape through the roof, wasting a lot of energy and money. The great thing is that you can easily get loft insulation rolls pretty cheaply. One of the most cost-effective loft insulations is mineral wool, but it can be very uncomfortable to install, usually making the person installing it itch a lot!

Smart Controls

Many people are upgrading their homes to be smarter in every way, and smart thermostats can help you to save a lot of money annually. Because a smart thermostat can help you to regulate the temperature from a separate location, you can keep the house at a comfortable temperature, and it also helps you to understand how best to streamline your heating and cooling habits. The top-line smart thermostats on the market can actually learn where you are going wrong, which can help you to reduce your energy bills even more. It's an investment upfront, but based on the amount you will potentially save over the years, it is a wise one.

Draft-Proofing Your Windows and Doors

If your windows are already draft-proof, you should also look at any air leaks in the property. You can seal doors very simply by getting a draft excluder and popping it at the bottom.

Look at Your Heating System

Is your boiler due an upgrade? If your boiler is 10 years old or older, you might want to replace it with a more energy efficient model. You should also have an annual service to make sure it is functioning properly and also have a look at your radiators to see if they are working properly. If they are cold at the top and hot at the bottom, there may be trapped air, and this means you will need to bleed the radiator. However, if the top of the radiator is hot, and the bottom is cold, there may be something trapped in the system that needs flushing out.

These areas are common knowledge to some, but if you're living in an old home or you need to fine-tune your energy efficiency, you should definitely look at these areas.

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