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Travel - Planning A Group Trip - Tips For Less Stress and More Fun

A group trip can either be the most amazing travel experience of your life or it can turn into an absolute nightmare. Travelling with a group of friends can be an incredible way to bond and make lifelong, shared memories. However, if the trip isn’t carefully planned, it can end in disaster.

Travelling as part of a group can lead to some amazing memories and stories that are retold again and again, learning new ways to travel, and having lots of laughs. Of course, this kind of travel also tends to require a more organised approach to planning a trip, as the more people going the more organised you need to be. Then there’s also the concern that this type of trip could end up being more stressful than it is enjoyable if you don't get it right.

The good news is that there are a number of steps that you can take to ensure that your trip is as much fun as you hoped it would be. To make sure that your group trip planning goes well, check out my tips below!

Choose an organiser

While you might like the idea of planning and organising a group trip as a group, it could lead to a complete and utter nightmare. Everyone has their own ideas about how a trip should be planned, and if you attempt to organise things all together, it will only end in a lot of stress and disagreements. Instead, one person should be put in charge of organisation - ideally this should be the person who is naturally the most organised and remains calm and unflustered. Also, it’s normally a good idea to set up a group Whatsapp chat where everyone can be updated on any details of the holiday.

Agree on the basics

One of the points that can cause the most stress when planning a group trip is often the budget. This is because different people have different ideas when it comes to what is an acceptable amount to spend on a group trip. As a group, you need to set a budget that is affordable for everyone, and ensure that you stick to it.

You also need to think about factors such as where you will go - it’s not just about the country but also about the exact location. You also need to think about transport - how will you get to the airport from home, how will you get to your accommodation abroad, and how will you get about while you’re there? For instance, you might want to look into coach hire Portsmouth for your transfers to the airport here, so that you can all travel together. Then, once you arrive in your country of choice, you might want to have a car pre-ordered and ready to use.

Think outside of the box with your accommodation

There’s more to accomodation than fancy hotels, you know? For a group trip, a hotel may not be the right accommodation option of choice, as it means that everyone is split up into shared rooms.

Instead, choosing to hire an entire house or villa could be a great option to consider. You normally get more for your money and have access to a number of private amenities, such as a pool, hot tub, garden, and BBQ, for instance.

Pre-plan some activities

While everyone will want to have their alone time, it’s also nice to plan some group activities before you go. By organising and booking a number of group outings beforehand, everyone knows what has been planned.

There you have it, everything that you should know about planning a group trip that is less stress and more fun.

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